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AT&T and Text Messaging

Discussion in 'Central US Wireless Forum' started by Murdoc, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. Murdoc

    Murdoc Junior Member
    Junior Member

    Feb 27, 2002
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    AT&T and Text Messaging

    I don't understand why AT&T's text messaging packages are so pitiful. AT&T is competitive in nearly every area of the wireless world, EXCEPT Text Messaging. Their largest plan includes a sorry 100 messages for an expensive $4.99 a month. Based on the way they promote text messages through advertisements and while you're ON HOLD with customer service, one would think that they would at least offer more than 100. With that expensive rate and 10 cents per additional message, how could your "thumbs" possibly get a "workout?" (From the customer service recording played while you're on hold... I'm sure you've all heard it) Every other company offers at least more than 100 messages... They could be quite expensive, but it's cheaper than 5 cents for the first 100, then 10 cents after that. I think that is highly ridiculous. I am a heavy text message user and that it the only reason that my bill is more than it should be. Couldn't AT&T be different and offer an unlimited messaging plan? Regardless of the price, I'm sure that it would beat 5 cents for the first 100, then 10 cents each additional. If that's not possible, what about larger options? Here are what the other companies offer... why is AT&T lacking?

    Cingular Wireless with options: 100 for $2.99 / 250 for $5.99 / 500 for $9.99

    T - Mobile - 500 messages for $2.99, and an additional 300 if you're on a T-Zones plan, and 50 included... That's a total possible 850. And theirs is only 5 cents for each additional message.

    Sprint - Unlimited messaging with a PCS Vision Plan

    Verizon Wireless with options: 100 for $2.99 / 200 for $3.99 / 600 for $6.99 / and 1000 for $9.99. 10 cents each additional message.

    U.S. Cellular with options: 50 for $2.95 / 250 for $5.95 / 500 for $9.95 / and 1000 for $14.95. 10 cents each additional message.

    How could AT&T possibly not offer any options if EVERY other major company does?
    Does anyone know if they plan to offer any more packages, or how to petition for more text messages.
  2. parthery

    parthery Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Jul 10, 2002
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    Atlanta, GA
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    BlackBerry 9810
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    Not sure about US Cellular and/or Sprint but I know Cingular also charges for incoming messages....AT&T does not charge for incoming messages and this feature is provisioned into every phone.

    Additionally, I know that Sprint requires users to subscribe to Wireless Web service at $10/mo. in order to be able to receive text messages.

    Having said all that, I agree that its time for AT&T to come out with a better text messaging plan.

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