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Alltel vs Sprint

Discussion in 'Sprint Forum' started by djjim, Oct 1, 2005.

  1. djjim

    djjim Senior Member
    Senior Member

    Sep 14, 2005
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    Charlotte, NC
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    LG VX8370 Clout
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    Verizon (Old:Alltel, Nextel, At&t, USCC, Cricket)

    My fiance has Alltel and I think she needs to switch to Sprint...Why? Because her use is erratic. One month she'll use 600 minutes, the next 1200, the next 800, the next 1400. She has a 1000 minute plan with n&w, etc. She gets hit hard with the overages and is unable to manage her minutes. I am the only person she knows who has Altell, so she will not be losing many M2M minutes..I think she may be a good candidate for Sprint's fair and flexible, am I crazy? or am I right? Her bills have been anywhere from 60 to 200 bucks.....I love Alltel, but maybe she needs to go somewhere else, what y'all think? What are the benefits and downfalls of Sprint? I have heard horrible CS stories...are these true? Do I have to pay for roaming outside of Sprint's network? Will I roam on Verizon, Alltel, USCC? Where we grew up, Sprint does not offer native service...so when we visit home, will we have to pay high roaming charges? or will the minutes be included??? I can not find these answers anywhere....Thanks!!! Zip code is 03246 where we grew up and 28273 where we live now...
  2. lordsutch

    lordsutch Member

    Jun 17, 2003
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    Well, it does sound like she is a candidate for Fair & Flexible. On your substantive questions:

    Horrible CS: I personally haven't had much in the way of bad customer service (at least, not in corporate markets) - the only real problem I have had was when I activated a new line on my account and changed plans at the same time, and that was almost two years ago. That said, Sprint's CS reputation is not that of some competitors, and good in-store CS can be hit-or-miss.

    Roaming: free analog and digital roaming is included in all current plans, except the Area Wide and Free Incoming plans (it's $5/month on Free Incoming plans, although incoming minutes aren't free when roaming, and you can't get it at all on AW).

    Who will you roam on? It depends. The current PRL shows the priority ordering in the Charlotte area as USCC, Alltel, VZW, while in the Boston area it's USCC, VZW, RCC (analog), and Cingular (analog).

    My suspicion is that you guys would save a lot of money by getting a joint F&F Family plan--and that would solve the mobile-to-mobile thing. Another thing: the overage blocks are more generous on the family plan.

    And, one last thing: all this advice applies to the Sprint PCS side of the ledger only. If you get a Nextel phone, you won't be able to roam, period.

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