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WEST U.S. -- A quiet Sherman Oaks ( CA) residential neighborhood....

Discussion in 'T-Mobile Forum' started by Get The Cell Out, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. Get The Cell Out

    Get The Cell Out New Member

    Dec 6, 2010
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    Sherman Oaks
    Sherman Oaks has seen in the last 18 month a flurry of cell phone tower debates ( including 3 shut down of proposed sites by local residents).
    The saga came one quiet morning to the corner of Albers street and Bevis Ave. in Sherman Oaks.
    Unmarked trucks came to start a project that was perceived by residents as another DWP work.
    No signage on the worksiute, no markings on the trucks. Misleading informations were given to the residents while a hole ( the size of an average living room ) was dug on the public right of way.
    The immediate residents were not informed of the project. T Mobile sent certified letters that " were not claimed" and returned to the sender. Ditto for our city councilman Krekorian of District 2. Strange indeed! The voice of the neighborhood were stolen and the work began with the installation of an Hardcastle unit dangling from a 16 ton crane ( in a residential neighborhood)
    finally places underground ( less than 9 Ft from a residence )
    The existing phone pole ( 30 Ft) was replaced with a 52 Ft wood pole and soon enough the 3 cell antennae were in place for T Mobile to expand their 4 G network. The tower will beam a signal to a radius of 3 miles.
    The fictitius location ( for the permits is 14830 Albers street )
    More on this saga with photos and documents at Get The CELL Out!
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  2. Yankees368

    Yankees368 Compulsive Signal Checker
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    Oct 21, 2003
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    If you are looking for sympathy, you are most likely not going to find it here. The equipment T-Mobile is putting up is well hidden and does not look to be obtrusive. The majority of the equipment is underground, and the pole is even just made out of wood, it's not even a steel monopole. There are only 3 antennas, all of which are affixed directly to the pole. Why are you and your fellow neighbors so pissed off about this? Do none of you use cell phones? I'm sure you do, and must know that they do not work via magic, they need a network to support them. So, what is the issue?
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  3. Telekom

    Telekom Bronze Senior Member
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    Jun 12, 2006
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    Seattle, Washington USA
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    NIMBYs use all kinds of excuses. Favorites are "it lowers my property value", "the radiation will hurt my kids" (the same people who live under a multi-kilo-volt power transmission line.)

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