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4Info - is it being hassled by Verizon Wireless?

Discussion in 'Apps ~ Ringtones ~ Games ~ Wallpapers ~ Mods' started by mmmmna, Dec 4, 2009.

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    Aug 4, 2007
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    I get a few text message alerts from 4-info. Well, I USED to get them.

    I used to enjoy a 4Info alert almost whenever an earthquake 5.0 or greater happened anywhere in the world. The recent earthquake in Samoa came to my phone in the early afternoon, hours before the news media covered it. I've had as many as 5 earthquake alerts in an hour. I also got NASCAR race start and end standings.... and a daily weather message every afternoon. There was a lot more, all free of charge. 4Info is sponsored by tiny text advertisements at the bottom of the incoming message. Those are text advertisements, not graphics. ASCII. VERY unobtrusive.

    The 4Info advertisements are much less likely to cause harm as opposed to those nasty sleazeball text messages that if you merely READ the message, you have just opted to join a costly subscription service - 4Info is NOT like that.

    Well, just now, 7:10 PM local time, December 3 2009, I got a message from 4Info telling me I have been completely unsubscribed: "Verizon users will no longer receive messages from 4INFO at 44636. You are unsubscribed from all programs & will not receive further msgs. Support: 800 xxx-xxxx".

    That 800 number leads to Verizon customer support. If this was a 4Info decision, I'd expect a 4-info phone number.

    I wonder why I was given a Verizon customer support number to call..... is 4Info being hassled by Verizon Wireless?

    I'm not getting more text messages in my whole day than my 16 year old stepson gets in just 2 hours of his day.

    I put the 'Rumor' tag on this post because I'm not certain if Verizon is behind this; the 'Rumor' part does NOT refer to 4Info.
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