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Vodafone Rheinufertunnel, Köln

This is a two sector, 4-panel GSM setup on a small pedestrian bridge in Cologne along the Rhine. 2 panels are on one side of the bridge and 2 more are on the other side.

Vodafone Rheinufertunnel, Köln
ShoresGuy, Mar 10, 2006
Outside the United States
Location / Street Address:
Am Leystapel
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Underground (tunnel)
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Antenna Use:
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
Vodafone Germany
    • ShoresGuy
      The panels themselves are painted brown so they aren't noticed right away. Here are some closeups:

      Closeup 1 shows the 2 panels on the south side:

      Closeup 2 & 3 show one of the panels up close:

      Closeup 4 shows one of the northside panels and what looks like a microwave dish of some kind:

      Closeup 5 shows the BTS cabinet underneath the bridge:

      Closeup 6 shows the other northside panel:
    • JFB
      Those are tiny. How much of an area do you suppose they cover?
    • ShoresGuy
      Probably not more than 1/2 a mile. Vodafone has at least 5 microcell setups in this part of Cologne and even so, they are located within a 1/2 mile of one another. T-Mobile and Vodafone like to converge their sites in pretty much the same areas so any time you see a T-Mobile site, then there's a good chance that Vodafone isn't too far away.

      The tower setup process is normally done so that existing GSM 900/1800 GSM or GSM 1800-only sites are expanded to add UMTS 2100 setups. T-Mobile and Vodafone do this a lot whereas E-Plus and O2 (both the GSM 1800-only licensees) tend to have less combined GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 sites. T-Mobile and Vodafone needed more sites back in the 90s to build out their GSM 900 coverage in Cologne. As a result, they have more BTS setups. E-Plus and O2 have slightly less since they tend to combine existing sites with new UMTS equipment.

      The following numbers have been quoted for the amount of BTS in Cologne:

      T-Mobile: 379 (All GSM 900/GSM 1800, GSM 900/GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 and UMTS 2100-only setups are included in this total)

      Vodafone: 277 (All GSM 900/GSM 1800, GSM 900/GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 and UMTS 2100-only setups are included in this total)

      E-Plus: 240 (All GSM 1800-only, GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 and UMTS 2100-only setups are included in this total)

      O2: 135 (All GSM 1800-only, GSM 1800/UMTS 2100 and UMTS 2100-only setups are included in this total)

      T-Mobile: http://www.fst-gsm.de/d1-k.html
      Vodafone: http://www.duven.de/d2sender/d2k.htm
      E-Plus: http://www.fst-gsm.de/e1-k.html
      O2: http://www.fst-gsm.de/e2-k.html
    • Andy
      Wow. With T-Mobile having over 100 more sites than Vodafone, I guess T-Mobile coverage must be excellent. When my Dad and his friend visited Cologne not too long ago he said he had full service almost everywhere on his Vodafone phone. Maybe t-mobile needs more sites for the capacity?
    • ShoresGuy
      That could very well, Wolfgang Duven's list includes a listing of the GSM 1800 sites in Cologne. Their Cell IDs are marked in red.
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