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Vodafone Antenna Junkersdorf

This is a GSM 900/1800/UMTS 2100 site located at Beethovenstraße 30 in the western district of Cologne-Junkersdorf.

Vodafone Antenna Junkersdorf
ShoresGuy, Oct 9, 2005
ZIP Code:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • Gamer03
      That is a different looking tower.

      Is that type of set up common in Cologne?

      I don't think I have seen this type of site before on your pictures. I might be wrong, though.
    • ShoresGuy
      Not really. Each provider tends to design their towers differently. I suspect this has a different setup than usual since it has a combined GSM/UMTS function in one setup instead of separate GSM and UMTS panels.
    • Andy
      I love it how Vodafone often places their equipment right next to the tower on the top of the building. I guess makes it easier- no fence needed since the height of the building keeps unwanted people away.
    • ShoresGuy
    • Gamer03
      That is most likely the answer. ;)
    • Gamer03
    • ShoresGuy
      Lol, I normally leave mine at home or at my cousins' house when I go to church if I happen to visit them on Sundays.
    • Gamer03

      Well this year, I will have my Razr when I go with my family to Christmas Eve mass. ;) :)
    • ShoresGuy
      Lol, I was at Saturn (German version of Best Buy) after work today and the black Razr was still going for 399 Euros (unlocked, no contract).
    • Gamer03

      Hopefully the price will drop for people that don't have it when the "new" version comes out.

      But then everyone will want that one. :p
    • Andy
      Oh yes, I know I know. I mean it's not a bad idea, since church towers are often the highest points in small towns/villages and the panels are not going to be visible.
    • Andy
      How much do they go for with Contract, Shoresguy?
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    Europe (EU)
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    Oct 9, 2005
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  • GPS Coord. LAT.:
    Ground Level Altitude (in feet):
    Cell ID (CID) or ASR# or FCC#:
    13231, 13232, 13233

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