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Unknown GSM-UMTS Site, Unter Fettenhennen, Köln

This looks like a Vodafone site but I can't verify this at that time.

Unknown GSM-UMTS Site, Unter Fettenhennen, Köln
ShoresGuy, Nov 6, 2005
Cologne (Dom Area)
Outside the United States
Location / Street Address:
Unter Fettenhennen 9
Landmarks or cross street:
ZIP Code:
Structure Type:
Attached to or on a building
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
Antenna Use:
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • Gamer03
      Is the panel to the left of the flag?
    • ShoresGuy
      Yup, you sure have good eyes :D.
    • Andy
      How would you verify it during the day shoresguy? Just by the way the panels are set up or would you field test or ask someone?
    • ShoresGuy
      Well, I can tell which Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom sites are GSM, UMTS or GSM/UMTS by looking at the updated cell site lists for Cologne since others update their pages every couple weeks or so and make these differences clear by adding the info to the new updates.

      Wolfgang Duven's D2 site and Frank Scholle's T-Mobile sites are quite accurate.


      I also look through their log books which include newer info as well. The problem is that you can't always tell by just looking at the panels since UMTS is added mostly to existing Vodafone sites whereas T-Mobile has a few newer UMTS-only sites which went up within the last 18 months or so.
    • Andy
      Why does T-Mobile put in UMTS only sites? I wouldn't think that in any urban setting, UMTS needed more cellsites than voice, for capacity or coverage reasons.
    • ShoresGuy
      Good question, they probably wanted to save money by placing as few yet very stragetically placed UMTS sites across Cologne instead of adding UMTS panels to every GSM 900/1800 site in Cologne.

      I would assume that it's also connected to their plans to offer increased UMTS data volume and HSDPA services ahead of the World Cup 2006 matches being held in Cologne. I don't think it makes perfect sense either to do this but then again, they're expecting a million visitors here for the games alone and couple that with the 1 million people living in Cologne, that would lead to some capacity problems.

      The RheinEnergie stadium is located about half a mile from where I live and there are cell tower setups in 2 of the 4 stadium lighting masts as well as various microcells spread through out the entire stadium.

      Here are some examples:

      Microcell 1: http://www.duven.de/bilder/dxbs76_1.jpg
      Microcell 2: http://www.duven.de/bilder/dxbs77_1.jpg
      Shark Fin Microcell right above the soccer field: http://www.duven.de/bilder/dxbs77_2.jpg

      Lighting Towers:
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    Europe (EU)
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    Nov 6, 2005
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