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Tower Michigan At Eddy And Stoker

First set: empty. Then, Sprint. Third set: empty (formally Dobson). Then, Nextel, T-Mobile, AT&T (with 3G), and metroPCS.

Tower Michigan At Eddy And Stoker
cellular_freak, Jun 21, 2008
Location / Street Address:
2800 N. Michigan
Landmarks or cross street:
Eddy and Stoker
ZIP Code:
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
Antenna Use:
Multiple Types
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
Carrier on 2nd highest antenna:
Carrier on 3rd highest antenna:
Carrier on 5th highest antenna:
    • spleck
      1 From the American Tower website, it appears that the top was never occupied.
      2 iPCS by signage and process of elimination (does iPCS use T-bars like that on other towers?)
      3 Dobson according to RadioFoneGuy
      4 Nextel by your guess, but its interesting because it has large panels facing the camera, while the other two sectors are small panels.
      5 T-Mobile. It wasn't in the 2007 pics which have have signage for AT&T, Dobson, iPCS, and Nextel.
      6 AT&T by your guess.
    • cellular_freak
      I've seen bars like that on other towers, but I didn't think it was iPCS. I thought it was T-Mobile. I guess I was wrong. If you go to one of my photos: first Michigan page, third row down, all the way to the right, those bottom ones must be iPCS, I guess.

      About Nextel: I thought that was weird too, because in those pics on American Tower, the panel actually kinda resembles a Verizon site from around here. It appears, by my picture, that they've messed with the panel.
    • spleck
      I was thinking of this one http://gallery.wirelessadvisor.com/showimage.php?i=4999&c=26 but it doesn't have the T-bars. The AT&T panels are cookie cutter though.

      The Nextel panels in that one direction are what I have seen, and what I expected for 800 MHz. The other directions seem too small, but they're like that in the 2007 American Tower Pics (just taken from the opposite side).

      I'm not completely sure on a lot of it--that's why I put my reasoning in the above list.
    • cellular_freak
      Yes, that one pic shows how different iPCS' panels really can be I guess. Alltel tends to have identical looking panels around here.

      I have other pics that show the Nextel panels looking like that as well, except the panels are all the way around like that. It's the first Michigan page, 5th row down, first one on the left.
    • RadioFoneGuy
      Ok I had to anylize it for awhile and look at all the pics.

      ON the tower is from top platform to bottom in order is IPCS, Dobson, Tmobile, Nextel and ATT.

      Tmobile and Dobson are using the same style equipment and has 9 antennas connected to the back, the Dobson cabinet has 6 antennas going thru the side.
    • cellular_freak
      You say the third from the bottom is T-Mobile and not Nextel? And the second to bottom, Nextel? The second to bottom panels look a lot like one of T-Mobile's new towers they just put up: First Michigan page, first row, third pic.
    • RadioFoneGuy

      Yah your right, im used to Nextel using huge panels with 3 on a side. If you use the ATC link to the site if shows great detail. Tmobile is packing on that site, 3 panel per sector and if you look right at the antenna each is actually 2 antenna so they have 18 potential antennas. They also have TMAs mounted next to the antennas.

      ON your other post, the top is empty. Alot of times in cities carriers wont use the top or high up because of capacity, they want a smaller footprint in towns and add more towers to spread the load. Alot of times you will see 850 carriers when in town will use downtilt.

      the ATC site is sweet, ive used it for a couple years, on some sites they have pics from on top of the tower, some towers up in the Mackinaw area how sweet views.
    • cellular_freak
      Okay, I thought that one was T-Mobile. That's kinda crazy that they have so many antennas on there, but I guess they want to cover as much area as possible and get as many people on there as possible.

      Are you talking about the pic that has a similar panel on top as this one? On that tower, I believe it'd be: Empty, AT&T, Nextel correct? And what is downtilt, kinda interested?

      I use the American Tower site ALL the time to try and help me out. Sometimes the pics can be little dated though. That's why I take my own pics. The hard part is to then figure out who's on there if I can't get close to the tower.
    • RadioFoneGuy
      more antennas just mean more calls not distance. Down tilt is when they tilt the top of the panel downwards so it point more toward the ground, its used to help cover terrain or to keep the tower footprint smaller.
    • Der84

      I had no idea a site like that existed, pics and everything. Anyone know if there is one like that for the Canadian towers?? Sorry, I know this is a little off topic.
    • cellular_freak
      So, I drove by this tower again today and the Dobson panels have now been dismantled. The actual metal stuff is still there, like the top site, but the panels are now gone.

      I also noticed on this tower and throughout the Saginaw area that AT&T's little panel sets now have two panels per sector?, I guess, which I'm assuming means that they're planning to launch 3G on the panel next to the others that have already been there?

      I'll definitely need to retake this picture with all the new developments. MetroPCS also added panels way at the bottom.
    • cellular_freak
      So, I've updated the picture, and I was able to get extremely close to the tower. I did notice that the Dobson panels were totally taken down and the AT&T panels, I imagine, have 3G added to them now. Does anybody know why, from what I can tell, AT&T doesn't have the big, 2-panel thing facing in the other direction (left)?
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