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Jonathan Kramer

This Is A Real Tower Site

AT&T and Sprint share the tower at the Tower Plaza in Temecula. The antennas are adjacent to the 'windows' in the tower, and the BTS cabinets are hidden on the roof of the main building.

This Is A Real Tower Site
Jonathan Kramer, Jul 5, 2009
Location / Street Address:
27555 Ynez Road
Landmarks or cross street:
I-15 Freeway
ZIP Code:
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Antenna Use:
Multiple Types
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on 2nd highest antenna:
    • Yankees368
      Well done.
    • Der84
      California always has the most interesting ones. Nice find.
      hmmm... still trying to figure this one out... im always for concealment but it looks ODD in a good way.

      On a side note: JK - Very very good picture that you took!
    • Jonathan Kramer

      First, welcome to WA!

      What looks odd about this to you? The "Tower" was a design element of the original project (this is called the "Tower Plaza". The carriers followed after the structure was built.

      I appreciate your compliment on the photo. As you'll learn through the threads, I am a wireless planner for governments, as well as an attorney. Over the years, I've taken thousands of very hi res photos of cell sites to use in my lectures for planners, and to populate my own cell site gallery at www.cellularpcs.com/gallery/

      What's fun about being a professional photographer of sites is that I am approached to provide photos for magazines and for advertising. About two years ago (September 2007) the National Geographic published ten of my photos in the NGM, and more photos for an online feature. I recently had a number of my photos published in a French art magazine. Hey, it's fun and the per-photo license fee doesn't hurt, either.

      Best regards,

    • Der84
      Sounds like a fun job to me Jonathan, ha ha. That probably includes a little bit of traveling here and there too?
    • Jonathan Kramer
      Back when I was going to law school, I was traveling 80K to 100K a year within the country. Now it's down to about 25K, mostly in the western states, and lots of day trips. Working primarily for governments, I've learned that city councils and city attorneys just won't come to you; you have to go to them.:browani:

      Yeah, I have fun!

    • larry
      According to my records Sprint activated this location on 1-15-2001. Funny how I never made a visit to this site.
    • Jonathan Kramer
      Larry, once more you encyclopedic knowledge of SoCal sites amazes me! I stand (sit and type) humbled before you.

    • TelcomJunkie
      You're slacking Larry! :browani::browani::browani:
    • KyleAndMelissa22
      I'm pretty sure you've seen this before though, or surely drove right past it,
      it's right at the I-15 Exit 59 (Rancho California Rd). :D

      I have to say though it's a pretty cool site and a great picture,
      The only way I'd know it was a cell site was if I was doing field tests on my phone,
      watching the signal strength and PNs as I walked around the building.
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    California (CA)
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    Jonathan Kramer
    Jul 5, 2009
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