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Telecom Green Bay

This site stirred up a *lot* of controversy when it was first proposed in the mid-to-late 1990's. The local primary school made a huge noise about this site, even appearing on national TV news. At the end it went up anyway! LOL. :-)

Telecom Green Bay
KiwiSurfer, Jan 13, 2006
Outside the United States
Location / Street Address:
Godley Road
Landmarks or cross street:
Avonleigh && Godley Roads
Structure Type:
Attached to or on a building
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Antenna Use:
Cellular 800/850 MHz
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • chuikov
      I have never seen anything like it.

      Would you mind if I printed this photo? The service station is similar to one where we need a site. Although mine hasn't served gasoline for decades - it's a used car lot now.

      It may cause another controversy though :rolleyes: .
    • KiwiSurfer
    • chuikov
      Thanks James. Our construction manager might not like it but I guess that's why we get paid the big bucks :mad: .
    • Andy
      Wow, I have never seen anything like this before...this is amazing!
    • KiwiSurfer
      These kind of sites are common in NZ, as people don't notice them as much as actual towers, hence the Resource Consent process is usually much quicker and often the locals are not notified. Usually for towers etc, the process is drawn out and locals are notified.

    • Andy
      So are letters and stuff are sent out to locals if new towers are being planned?
      How do the people over there react to new towers? From the few things you've said here and there it looks like they are definitely not too happy about new towers.
    • KiwiSurfer
      The networks are becoming more clever in how they design their new sites, so it's not so bad these days. And cell sites are generally becoming smaller as most sites built these days are build to address a very specific area, rather than just a large site covering a general area.

      For example my suburb has 1 main site covering most of the suburb, established in 1993 when the network went live. However there is one road which is shielded from the main site, so 2 years ago they put in a tiny micro-cell site attached on a light pole to cover that very specific road only. No one has noticed this site, except when I show them. I will put up a picture of that site, it really is very well designed.

      The suburb to the west of mine is a very popular beach. So they just put up 2 micro-cell antennas on a light pole at the main waterfront road to allow more capacity. The main site covers the general area well, and the micro-cell just covers the beach where 90% of the people are anyway on a good summer day.

      I think in the long term we will see less of the large sites and more micro-cell sites covering specific areas. Perhaps a micro-cell at every road intersection will be a common sight within 10-20 years. The visual pollution is much less and the health concerns are virtually NULL as they are very under-powered compared to the major sites.

      Before someone ask, micro-cells are a real cell site in their own right, they all have dedicated link to the switch, just like any other cell sites. They don't just passively repeat the signal from the main site.

    • Gamer03
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    Jan 13, 2006
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