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Telecom Blockhouse Bay Exchange

This is a AMPS/TDMA/CDMA/Paging site. Note that this is a paging site, and the first one I'm aware. As usual this is a 3panelsx3sectors setup typical for exchange cell sites built in the early 1990's.

Telecom Blockhouse Bay Exchange
KiwiSurfer, Jan 13, 2006
Outside the United States
Location / Street Address:
Boundary Road
Landmarks or cross street:
Boundary && Hillsborough Roads
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • Andy
      What exactly is a paging site?
    • KiwiSurfer
      Telecom offers a paging service, usually for doctors and people like that. This is one of the sites that broadcast pages to pagers.

    • Andy
      Oh, lol, now that you said that I feel really stupid, lol. :)
      Thanks for the clarification, though. ;)
    • KiwiSurfer
      Heh it's alright. I can't recall the last time I saw a pager, except for perhaps an old espsiode of ER! I wonder how many customers Teleocm has on their paging network, given that Text Messaging has taken over the market for these kind of things.

      But then paging still has larger and more dense coverage due to it being at 400MHz (if my memory serves) so I would say that emergency services in outlying areas may prefer that to the near useless CDMA and GSM coverage in many rural towns.

    • Andy
      I will start doing some research on NZ Mobile networks and coverage now. You have really gotten me interested; so coverage in non-urban areas is not all that great??
    • KiwiSurfer
      It really is hit and miss. Some places have excellent coverage, others don't. Some places Telecom has service where Vodafone has no service -- or vice-versa. Generally Telecom does a better job in rural areas (although there are excepptions) than Vodafone.

      Coverage along the State Highways is extermely poor on both networks. There are quite a few SH's where they would only need to add 1 or 2 or possibly 3 sites to achieve 95% coverage, but they don't bother. They seem perfectly content to have the major SH's with only 25-50% coverage. They generally focus on the main towns only, and sometimes cover the SH between major cities. The only serious effort is SH 1, between Auckland and Wellington where its about 90% but it is still rather patchy.

      Telecom owns many microwave sites that are also suitabally located for cellular coverage along the SHs but for some reason they don't utilise them for their cellular services. They already have the site lease, the tower, electricity, etc -- so it shouldn't be too hard to just add CDMA.

      At the end of the day, the biggest issue facing the mobile industury in NZ is the lack of competition. There is no incentetive to improve coverage as neither network has a significant advantage over the other so they just leave things as they are. Also, it annoys me to see Vodafone/Telecom put up so many new cell sites in the big cities, when there are huge holes in their rural coverage.

    • Andy
      Wow, that is really interesting that the two don't bother covering state highways, especially if Telecom already owns microwave sites. It really wouldn't cost them a lot to add panels for their mobile phone network and would make a lot of people happy I bet. So what if your car breaks down? That really sucks to not even have dependable service between two big cities.
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    Jan 13, 2006
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