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T-Mobile, Provo East Mountain

T-Mobile, Provo East Mountain
JTVOIP, Jun 16, 2006
Structure Type:
Antenna Use:
PCS 1900 MHz
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • JFB
      Incredible background!
    • ShoresGuy
      Agreed, what cam are you using for these pics?
    • Andy
      That is an incredible background. It's our Wasatch Mountains!!! :)

      JT, are you sure all panels on this T-Mobile site actually belong to T-Mobile? Looks like there may be another carrier on this mast as well. Incredible picture, though, I have to agree! :)
    • JTVOIP
      There's no other carrier on this site. I agree that it is a lot panels for T-Mobile, especially where they have a number of other sites nearby. I'm uploading a different angle of this site so you can see it better. The new angle is from behind.

      Maybe this site is designed for redundancy in case something goes wrong with the small, cheap sites they have all over town?
    • JTVOIP
      Andy you're really making me question now! I thought it was just T-Mobile on there. There's just one GPS antenna, and stickers/phone numbers for any other carrier are not posted. And on some close up shots I have identical panels are patterned on all three tiers. There is nothing coming off this mountain from Sprint PCS or Cricket, though I have not checked for Nextel.
    • Andy
      The top sets of panels are most definitely T-Mobile. It's what T-Mobile setups here along the Wasatch Front very often look like, but the other lower two sets of panels I have never seen used by T-Mobile. From what I can make out from the pictures, it looks like there is only one set of cabinets out there, so I guess it would be T-Mobile only. Maybe those other sets of panels are to boost capacity for BYU/surrounding area?
    • Andy
      Also looking closer at the picture, looks like there's a gas/propane tank there hinting at a generator somewhere on site. If this is a T-Mobile only installation it must be an important one, because I've never seen a T-Mobile installation with a generator before.
    • JTVOIP
      Yeah they have a generator at this one. I thought T-Mobile was cheap and usually forewent that expense. :)

      It's a Cummins power generator in an ugly green casing.
    • Andy
      I see the generator in the far left of the picture. One thing I like about Verizon is that they always build an equipment shelter to protect their equipment as well as have an on-site generator at all the sites I've been to. The disadvantage about always having to have an equipment shelter is that some carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint have no problem putting their equipment on wood poles and attaching the equipment on the pole or having them sit around at the bottom in small canyons like Ogden canyon where Verizon native service is weak/nonexistant, at least last fall when I went through.
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    Utah (UT)
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    Jun 16, 2006
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