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T-Mobile On Top Of Gas Station On Rt 9 In Wellesley Ma

T-Mobile cell site on gas station.

T-Mobile On Top Of Gas Station On Rt 9 In Wellesley Ma
Day5InJanuary, Mar 20, 2010
Location / Street Address:
Landmarks or cross street:
Gas station
Structure Type:
Attached to or on a building
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • Yankees368
      Now... I have seen some sites that were low down to the ground. The occasional 2 or 3 floor building. But this, this is impressive. Why do I think that this violates several rules. Did you notice the guy on the roof?
    • Der84
      Very interesting setup. Looks like something that they would do in Australia. I wonder how far this signal broadcasts.
    • Day5InJanuary
      i did notice the guy..i talked to him..he was fixing a central AC unit. nothing to do with the antenna's. this is officially the lowest site i have seen in my area. this does not service very far. my GF lives not even a mile away from this site and a few people she lives with have AT&T...they only get 1-2 bars of 3G service. i think the main reason this site was placed here was for RT.9. lots of traffic backs up here. just my guess though.
    • Day5InJanuary
      I completey messed up on this one. i stopped by there today again looked at the power meter. its T-Mobile. not AT&T---my error. i should have looked at this yesterday. i updated the photo information. thanks.
    • Yankees368
      Well, that explains the crappy AT&T service ;-). I wonder if the guy on the roof had idea idea that those were cell antennas, and he probably shouldn't be standing that close to them.
    • Day5InJanuary
      ya. i dont have any friends in this area who have T-Mobile so i cant relate how this site helps the homes in the area. That guy was kind of in his own zone so i didnt want to get in the way. and i did not feel comfortable standing on the ground near these antennas, even being on the ground.
    • Yankees368
      Yeah. I've been close to panels on the group, but those panels were on the roof of a 2nd floor building. This is too low, and that guy on the roof...well, that wont be me.
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    Massachusetts (MA)
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    Mar 20, 2010
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