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T Mobile DWP ROW - Northridge (1 of 2)

A T Mobile site located in Northridge. Located on a DWP High Tension tower.

T Mobile DWP ROW - Northridge (1 of 2)
TelcomJunkie, Sep 7, 2006
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    • Andy
      Is this a site that Cingular built back when it was their network, because I usually never see T-Mobile built sites with equipment shelters.
    • larry
      Cingular, back when they were Pac Bell GSM here in CA never used equipment shelters either. I think this might be a more recent (post Pac-Bell) Cingular site that was sold to T-Mobile as part of their big transaction here in CA/NV.
    • TelcomJunkie
      Cingular nor TMobile normally uses shelters. In the back of my head this used to be a Nextel site and it was decommissioned and converted to TMobile/Cingular. I honestly don't recall the details though.
    • Andy
      That is interesting; I guess NEXTEL just didn't decomission the shelter for use for Cingular.
      That is interesting that you guys say that neither of the carriers used to use equipment shelters there, at least until recently, because in my area Verizon ALWAYS used equipment shelters with generators, and Cingular has equipment shelters on most sites, even though most don't have backup generators, and NEXTEL uses shelters too.
    • TelcomJunkie
      Well Sprint and Verizon both use Lucent CDMA equipment. It comes in either external cabinet form or in racks for inside mounting. For one reason or another Sprint typically is outside and Verizon uses shelters or offices for their equipment.

      Now the old ATTWS network was always shelters or offices while the old Cingular network was ALWAYS external cabinets with only a few exceptions.

      Also remember this is the Los Angeles market where we don't have a lot of the weather conditions that other areas have. No worry about the technician out in the snow or rain here.
    • Andy
      Do you think that top reason Verizon almost always uses equipment shelters, instead of outdoor cabinets is the technician not getting rained/snowed on? That seems too nice of Verizon to do it just because of that. ;)
      Wouldn't the equipment be more 'sheltered' and that also being a big plus as to why VZW always uses shelters?
    • TelcomJunkie
      I think a lot of it has to do with the history of the network. Sprint was built from the ground up, they picked a style and went with it. Verizon, ATTWS, Cingular were all built from aquired networks. So many of the site designs were from before current company owned them. Most tend to stick with what they know and if 800 of your sites in a MTA are in shelters or buildings you wouldn't randomly start building external cabinet sites. It'd be a whole other pile of stock parts, different layouts and what not along those lines. To stick with the same setup makes it easier all the way around.
    • larry
      How about Metro PCS? They're coming in strong with a huge number of cell sites going through the zoning process right now but I haven't seen any projects actually under construction yet. I'm wondering what thier panel configuration and equipment is going to look like? I've read that they're using a 5 sector style instead of the normal 3.
    • TelcomJunkie
      Look for MetroPCS near existing Sprint sites. They use the same exact Lucent CDMA equipment so they've been known to just install near Sprint and let Sprint eat the engineering costs.
    • larry
      Funny you should mention that. Metro has a bunch of co-los planned with Sprint in the Orange County area. I was wondering why they were doing this. lol
    • TelcomJunkie
      Most of the sites on their Bay Area network are located within 1/4 mile of a Sprint site.
    • Andy
      Maybe because Sprint is 1900 and Metro is 1900 and Sprint has a great network. :)
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    Sep 7, 2006
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