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This building is what started it all for me. At the time of Nextel this was Service and Repair, Engineering and their Switch. I've seen Verizon trucks around this building recently so either they're moving stuff in or they've always been in.

LineNoise, Aug 2, 2009
Oak Brook
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    • LineNoise
      I have no idea what Sprint is doing with this building now. The Service and Repair center is gone, moved to Downers Grove. The Business office is still there, I think and I've seen Verizon trucks around it recently. I would imagine the Switch is still there I can't imagine that's something easy to move.

      They're going to be doing something because that orange mark is lined up with a fiber vault/ped out on 22nd Street.
    • TelcomJunkie
      While not a common occurrence to move a switch, it has happened.

      They could be adding capacity, or part of it could be being leased out to someone else who is getting a dedicated pipe from Verizon. Traffic on the iDEN network has surged in the last few months because of Boost usage.
    • LineNoise
      These were definitely Verizon Wireless vans. Verizon Business guys around here drive F350's, Expeditions and Jeep Cherokee's. All the Verizon Wireless guys I see are in Dodge Caravan's (I feel bad for them). Not to say there aren't any VZW guys driving those vehicles, that's just what I've seen around here. Like the Sprint Guys i've all seen in F150's, Ram 2500's and just saw a guy in a Silverado 2500 2 weeks ago.

      The only reason I think they're moving the Switch is because I know of 4 Sprint MTSO's located in the area, one being up the street from this location. There's still GPS cones on the roof and wireless antenna's, I wasn't able to get a good shot, I would had to of either stopped on I88 or 22nd street. And since they moved the service center they may be moving more, I don't know.

      While I agree that there's been a surge on iDEN, I highly doubt that they're adding capacity. Especially since they've lost so many subs, I doubt they've made up for the loss yet.
    • TelcomJunkie
      Where they logo'd Caravans? In my experience, the Verizon Wireless vehicles are unmarked. Mini-vans that are actually marked "Verizon" are typically used by the CPE technicians that take care of PBX and Key systems.

      Moving a switch is really a last choice type of deal, the closing of a service/repair facility or sales office would really have no bearing on the status of the switch. There was a big push for consolidation of the service/repair facilities, but that was a move done by the sales group, not network operations. To move the switch, we're talking a multi year, multi-million dollar project.

      As for the iDEN network, they did a large consolidation of facilities in the last year or so and during that, they shut down/removed all the excess hardware. From what I've heard, they've actually had to turn equipment back online that was turned off after the tremendous loss of customers.
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