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Spiffed out me

Me in a tux on the boat. The sun was in my face....man that is a bad pic!

Spiffed out me
Shizam76, Nov 15, 2005
Newport Beach
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    • Shizam76
      The tux was nice....except it was a long coat....I hate long coat tux's :thumbsdow
    • Gamer03
      Are you trying to wink at the photographer, Dave? :p:D
    • Shizam76
      Yep....you got it ;)

      Man....now that I look at it, the pic makes me look like a funeral director or something. :(
    • Gamer03
      Are you the "Tall Man"?

      "Come here, boy!"
    • Shizam76
      This went over my head :O Tall Man?
    • Gamer03


      The evil screen villain Angus Scrimm well known as "The Tall Man" in Don Coscarelli's "Phantasm" (1979).

      He had a suit like you but he was much older.

      Phantasm (1979):


      If you ever get the chance, you should watch all four of the movies. I love them. :D
    • Jay2TheRescue

      I loved that film. I remember seeing it as a kid. It was soooo cool.
    • Gamer03

      I am glad that someone else besides me has seen it.

      I like the "orbs" that fly around in the movies. :D I wouldn't want one of those to come at me in real life. :eek:
    • ShoresGuy
      Nice pics, Dave.

      I haven't seen that movie......what was the weather like? Typical Southern Cali indian summer temps?
    • Shizam76
      Thank You Toni! ;)

      ah...yes NICE Cali Indian Summer Temps. I had 2 days in the 80's 3 or 4 in the 70's and one or two in the upper 60's.
    • Jay2TheRescue
      As a kid I saw almost every horror movie available on video in the 80's. The local video store had a $0.25 rental which was voted on by the members as the worst movie in the store. It was Redneck Zombies, so I had to rent it. It was soooo bad it was funny. The whole film looked as if it was filmed with a camcorder.
    • Gamer03
      I have never seen that movie before.

      Jay, is it a must rent movie? :p
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    Nov 15, 2005
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