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Shopping Center

My home tower - T-Mobile only. Hard to see, but the panels are on most of the supports of the top of the shopping center. There used to be only 3 total panels, now there are 6.

Shopping Center
Matt, Apr 14, 2005
Location / Street Address:
46920 Community Plaza
Structure Type:
Attached to or on a building
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Antenna Use:
PCS 1900 MHz
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • RJB
      that is a nice little tower
    • Jay2TheRescue
      I know where that is!!! That's 2 blocks from my store!
    • Jay2TheRescue
      Did you see the one accross Rt 7 from this tower disguised as a flagpole? I think the flagpole is a Nextel tower. Cellreception.com is showing a tower owned by Nextel in that vicinity and that is the only tower I see on that lot.
    • pbw
      I added some info on this site from my research. As for the flag pole at 47020 Harry Byrd Hwy. behind the Enterprise Rent-a-Car store, the ASR# is registered to Nextel with an FCC call sign there but the small box looks like an AT&T Wireless repeater site. I've never seen the shelter for the site if it is a Nextel site. The cabling goes into the metal repeater box which is right next to an office window...

      For a cool Nextel site go to Ox & Braddock Roads in Fairfax County, dip into the shopping mall parking lot and head to the abandonded bank. The should be a VEPCO transmission tower on the grass next to the sidewalk facing Braddock. However, there is no electronics shelter. Take a second look at the bank. Nextel is using the former drive up teller space to house their iDEN BTS. Not hidden but nifty...
    • Jay2TheRescue
      I wondered where the Cingular Blue tower was around here. My store is about 1.5 blocks from that flagpole. I get almost prefect Cingular Blue signal in my store. I'm guessing it is cell (ARFCN) #0635. If I use the cell sticker to stay on that # I maintain perfect signal inside my store. In the street in front of the flagpole there is perfect Nextel signal as well. Maybe there is both inside the pole?
    • pbw
      Could be! I don't see where the room could be. Maybe need to do some more investigations. This was years ago. Also those flag poles can accomodate up to three carriers (commonly they do two). What is an RFCN and #635? Is 635 the CID? CID 635 on the AT&T network I have is located at 8415 Bellona La. in Baltimore.
    • Jay2TheRescue
      On My Motorola V551 I do this:
      Settings> Engineering> Cell Management> Cell Sticker> Target ARFCN: 0635

      The Cell Sticker tells the phone to maintian connection with a particular tower until there is no signal left. In my case I use it to prevent my phone from jumping to the Orange network (my home network), which has a weaker signal at work. I got the number from entering Field Test mode, and seeing what tower was strongest in my store. I don't know what ARFCN means, whether it is a channel number, or a cell numer. I just know it works. I would think that the numbers would have to be re-used though as it is only a 4-digit number, and there are more than 9,999 towers on the network nationwide. Even at that the numbers seem to be specific (at least locally) Cingular Orange always seems to be 01xx, Cingular Blue is 06xx, and T-Mobile is 07xx. If anyone else knows more about this please post it.
    • Jay2TheRescue
    • Gamer03
      Interesting site.

      Thanks for the picture Matt.
    • Jay2TheRescue
      I just stopped by the flagpole site - I was going to take a picture for the gallery, but darnit, my batteries were dead in my digital camera. There is a Nextel sign on the fence surrounding the base of the tower though.
    • Jay2TheRescue
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    Virginia (VA)
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    Apr 14, 2005
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