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San Francisco Airport Verizon

Located at the San Francisco Airport. Mounted on a parking garage across from Terminal 3. There are 3 sets of these around the terminal dropoff area. This setup covers inside of Terminal 3. One panel is for 850 mhz, the other is 1900. My signal strength at this location was -025 Rx & -1.0 Ec/Io

San Francisco Airport Verizon
KyleAndMelissa22, Sep 18, 2009
San Francisco
Location / Street Address:
San Francisco Int'l Airport (SFO)
Landmarks or cross street:
Terminal 3
ZIP Code:
Structure Type:
Attached to or on a building
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
5 feet
Antenna Use:
Multiple Types
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • Jonathan Kramer
      In the mid-1990s GTE MobileNet tried to condemn parking spaces at this airport to build a cell site. That resulted in a law suit between GTE MobileNet and the Airport Authority. The trial court in Superior Court in San Mateo ruled that GTE MobileNet could not assert a public utility right of condemnation since there were more than one cell carrier. The decision was appealed by GTE but as I recall the appeal was withdrawn before the appellate court reached a decision.

      I served as the Airport's technology expert witness in that case. I still have a copy of the trial court's findings.

    • Day5InJanuary
      JLK, why did the carrier (Verizon) label the panels with what type of frequency there giving? I have never seen this before.
    • Jonathan Kramer

      I don't know. I have photos of other sites at the airport where the antennas are not identified.

    • Day5InJanuary
      Thank you for the response JLK, I have been thinking about it, and I could only come up with 2 not so good ideas why they identified their antennas. 1) marketing...2) the airport made them. I know, I know these 2 possibities arent so good but who else besides field testers and Wireless advisor members would care to know or need to know what kind of antennas those are? I would really like to know why Verizon did this.
    • KyleAndMelissa22
      They probably have "If it ain't yours don't touch it" on their mind.

      Since those things are so close to the ground, anyone would be able to get very close,
      even close enough to throw things at them (we hope that doesn't happen).

      So maybe by putting their logo on them, it lets people know exactly what they are;
      just in case anyone felt like messing with them, they are less likely to.
      (This is just my guess, but it makes sense to me).
    • Day5InJanuary
      sounds like the best out of the three guesses!
    • KyleAndMelissa22
      If you look closely, you're even able to park your car right behind this cell site, within 25 feet of the antennas.

      But the panels are are pointed toward the terminal, and away from the parking area,
      so I wonder if this site is able to cover what's behind it at all, and if so how far back...

      If not then I guess the signal will go toward zero very quickly right behind this site, I wonder which is the case...
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    California (CA)
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    Sep 18, 2009
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  • GPS Coord. LAT.:
    GPS Coord. LONG.:
    Ground Level Altitude (in feet):
    15 feet

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