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S Bemis Building

S Bemis Building
adgsteve, Feb 11, 2006
Location / Street Address:
55 S Atlantic St
Structure Type:
Attached to or on a building
Antenna Use:
PCS 1900 MHz
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
Carrier on 2nd highest antenna:
    • adgsteve
      Here's a close up of the panels on the side of the building-
    • Andy
      My guess is that the right set of panels on the close up is a 1900 carrier, maybe Sprint or T-Mobile.
    • adgsteve
      I agree Andy. I think this is in fact T-Mobile. I checked my list and I see that every other provider has sites about 4-5 blocks from here except for T-Mobile and ATTW. But there is a former ATTW site 15 blocks away in the direction these are aimed, and it's an 850 site so I don't think blue is here. Might be only T-Mobile on this building.
      Geez, I wish the City's records weren't all frakked up for this address.
    • Andy
      Well...there has to be a second carrier though, because of the second pair of panels. What about Sprint?
    • adgsteve
      Sprint has a large site 7 blocks from here. I dunno, maybe I can snoop around the building and see if there are any electric meters outside that are marked.
    • Andy
      If you ever find out- let us know who the actual carriers are so I can see how good I am at guessing.
    • adgsteve
      Finally found the permits for this. The panels on the roof and two on the facade left side are T-Mobile. The two on the right are old Qwest Wireless panels, probably not active anymore.
    • Andy
      So this building permit website gives you reslults that exact tell you which panels are whose?

      My T-Mobile guess was pretty good then I guess. :)
    • adgsteve
      Well, not always exactly. But usually the intial permit application has a detailed description of where the panels will be located, and how they will be oriented. In this case, the Qwest permit specified on the building facade, and the T-Mobile permit specified on the roof and building facade. I then took the leap that since the T-Mobile permit is much newer, and the panels on the roof more resemble the facade panels on the left (which also look newer), that that's how it is. (I could be wrong, but the right ones don't really look like what T-Mobile usually uses around here.)
      But at the very least I found out who all is on this building. ;)
    • Andy
      Very interesting! So in this case the permit website would also show renewed permits where Verizon or Sprint has converted former Qwest sites, meaning is it easy to pick those converted sites out?
    • adgsteve
      Well, it shows all permits and applications. But when a site ownership changes there is no permit requirement unless they are going to add panels or change the panel configuration. If they leave it as is, then no new permit is required. So it's not easy to determine who took over converted sites unless the new owner makes changes to the panels.
      That's why I still listed this one as Qwest as I don't know if anyone is actually using it. I doubt it since both Verizon and Sprint have sites nearby, but I really don't know.
    • Andy
      Sounds good, Thanks for the explanation, Steve.
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    Washington (WA)
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    Feb 11, 2006
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