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Provo East Mountain, Verizon Wireless

About 1/3 up the mountain at roughly 1200 North in Provo. CDMA band CH 425 CDMA band SID 94 PCS band CH 775 PCS band SID 94

Provo East Mountain, Verizon Wireless
JTVOIP, Jun 14, 2006
Structure Type:
Radio/Latticed tower
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • JFB
      These are some unique sites -- thanks for posting them.
    • chuikov
      Fantastic photo! Please explain a little more.

      This is nothing like anything I've ever seen.
    • JTVOIP
      It's a ways up the hillside above town. That's why the panels look downward. The microwave dish points off toward a mountaintop across the valley, feeding the Verizon Wireless cell sites south along I-15 as best as I can tell.
    • Andy
      That is incredible!!! I have never seen a Verizon Wireless setup like this. I have seen VZW use the type of panels before that are not facing you, but the panels that are directly facing you when you take the picture I have never seen Verizon use. It seems like quite a few carriers, including T-Mobile, use unique panels only in this direction. I wonder if it's a capacity related thing.
      You are saying you got Channel 425 from this site. I doubt that that's the only channel VZW transmitts from this site as I have yet to see this. Channel 384, 425 and 466 are channels on most Verizon sites. Some use 507, 548 and 589 as well.
      The PCS channel 775 is what Verizon uses for EVDO/DATA which is on PCS band. I have yet to see PCS Voice opened up. At this site, is PCS voice open???
    • JTVOIP
      I don't know if they've got voice on PCS. Is there any way to find out using my 6700?

      The panels look straight down on BYU, so it's probably designed for capacity. You get 30,000, give or take, people concentrating right there below every day--more at football games and events like Stadium of Fire coming up in a couple weeks. Everyone gets on a phone when they're coming and going to big events, finalizing plans on where they're gonna meet up or whose house to go to afterward...
    • Andy
      Try dialing *22805 or *22806. I think *22805 is the old Nextwave PCS Spectrum Verizon owns in UT county, and *22806 is the Qwest PCS Spectrum Verizon owns. If you get no service or Over the Air Programming failed then PCS is not active. If you get a signal, then it is active.

      The fact that so many people come through the area every day probably explains the fact that every carrier has unique setups pointing at BYU. Have you ever had capacity issues during/after a major event?
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    Jun 14, 2006
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