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Provo East Mountain, Cingular

Provo East Mountain, Cingular
JTVOIP, Jun 16, 2006
Structure Type:
Radio/Latticed tower
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • JFB
      Any idea how high above ground level (AGL) this is? Nice close-up.
    • JTVOIP
      The base is 5,325 ft above sea level. The town and valley below sit at about 4,500 ft. That radio tower itself isn't more than about 20 ft tall. I have a number of other pics of it. PM me if you're interested.
    • JTVOIP
      You can see this site from a distance in a post called "East Provo Mountain, T-Mobile" or something like that. It's the one in the distance on the right side.
    • chuikov
      This is mind boggling! There is a bunch of things going on here if all of the antennas are active.
    • Andy
      What kind of things? Lol.

      Very nice shot by the way!!! Where is the Provo East Mountain Area??? Is it by Seven Peaks Water Park??
    • JTVOIP
      "Provo East Mountain" is straight east from the BYU campus. It's about 10 blocks north of Seven Peaks.
    • Andy
      Okay thanks. I'll take a look out for it next time I go down to BYU. Are the sites on Provo East Mountain the ones that serve BYU and the surrounding area or are there closer sites???
    • JTVOIP
      They are the primary sites serving BYU for Verizon Wireless, Cingular, and T-Mobile.

      Cingular and Sprint PCS share a light pole at the Provo High School track, and from that they get the western slope of campus. But really they're lower in elevation than the BYU campus is, so they have to hand off. Verizon and T-Mobile each have solid monopole towers just a couple blocks farther west that also catch that western slope of campus and the football stadium too.

      Sprint has another site on 900 East and 900 North, the southwest corner of campus. Shared by Cricket too. They've each basically just stuck three panels around the top of a power pole. I have a picture, but it's really not much to see!
    • Andy
      Seems like the Provo East Mountain sites do a great job covering BYU. When I was down there last month for a Science Fair my service was great, even indoors. The closest VZW site I know off to BYU(I don't go there very much, just saw that while driving) is east of University Mall on a building(maybe a Bank???) right along Univ. Parkway. Coverage inside the mall is weak in some areas last time I was there. Has that improved??? I know there is a big monopole with quite a few carriers, including Cingular &Sprint right outside the mall.
    • JTVOIP
      Yeah that roof site along Univ. Parkway doesn't penetrate the mall very well, nor anything beyond the mall. There's a flagpole registered to VZW right in front of Best Buy--two blocks west of the mall and across the street from a new corp. store, but they haven't turned it on yet. I don't know why because all the equipment looks ready to go.

      Cingular, Sprint, and T-Mobile are co-located on a monopole about a block northwest of the mall along State St.
    • Andy
      So Verizon is finally doing something about the immediate University Mall Area you are telling me? That would be awesome! Do you think you could take a picture of the pole/equipment when you are out there next?
      Has this flagpole/equipment been installed just recently or has it always been there and for some reason not active?
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