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Provo Canyon, Cingular Analog

This site is high above Highway 189 at Squaw Peak Rd. The two digital panels on the left (south) pole are not in service.

Provo Canyon, Cingular Analog
JTVOIP, Jun 14, 2006
Provo Canyon
Structure Type:
Antenna Use:
Cellular 800/850 MHz
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • Andy
      So all the 'equipment' at the location are the boxes at the bottom of the wood poles? That doesn't seem like a lot. Also, do you have any ideas why Cingular would install panels for digital service but then never activate them? From where does GSM/TDMA get service in that area? Is this site right along 189?
    • JTVOIP
      The box underneath those digital panels has written with a Sharpie "Not In Service Anymore." Maybe they just used them to boost capacity during the olympics and turned them off afterward? Maybe they were put in before a larger site was installed a little ways up the canyon?

      Just east of the turnoff to Sundance and on a very tall mountain south of 189 are a whole bunch of towers. I'd like to get up close, but I have no idea how! I know for certain that Cingular, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and Sprint PCS broadcast from up there, and maybe there are others.
    • Andy
      Looks like even this installation, which I would consider more off the beaten path already has Cingular labels on it. I've seen Cingular labels pop up at every Cingular cellsite in the Salt Lake Valley, which I thought was a nice thing to identify all their sites, but interesting that they make their way even out there to put Cingular labels on their equipment.

      Cingular must have installed another GSM only site somewhere else, probably a better location, and just deactivated those panels because they were not neccessary anymore. It seems like Sprint and T-Mobile have a ton of sites scattered in that canyon; Verizon was very strong at the initial turnoff to Sundance but got weaker and weaker as I got closer to Sundance and in Sundance itself forget indoor native coverage; outdoors is hard to get a signal as well last time I was there. Sprint was completely dead. T-Mobile compass makes it look like there is a T-Mo site right in town.
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    Jun 14, 2006
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