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Park City, Quarry Mountain

Park City, Quarry Mountain
JTVOIP, Jun 18, 2006
Park City
Structure Type:
Radio/Latticed tower
Number of Carriers:
    • JTVOIP
      It took me a little while to figure all these out. Does anybody want to guess which tower(s) go to which carrier(s)? Hint: Sprint PCS is NOT one of them. ;)
    • chuikov
      Man, you are posting some unique sites!

      Are you photo-shopping this stuff?! ;)
    • Yankees368
      Seriously! Those mountain sites are all so unique. Every site around my area, and most urban areas, just look the same. Pannels on the top or side of a building. BORING!
    • JTVOIP
      I actually do not have photo shop.

      These sites really got worked in preparation for capacity during the winter 2002 olympics, and obviously there have been upgrades too. That's why there's so much equipment.
    • Andy
      Cingular is on the high mast in the back. They are the lowest set of panels is my guess.
      Verizon may be the lowest set of panels on the mast closest to where you were when taking the pictures.
      What carrier is on top of the mast in the back? That setup looks very unique indeed!
    • JTVOIP
      I'm glad someone tried! :)

      This picture was taken last night actually. Just after sunset. The shutter was open for a little over a second, resting on a rock. The camera is looking east. Here's what they all are. It might surprise you--it did for me.

      Starting on the left you see a narrow, short guyed tower. It has nothing on it.

      Moving right, is what I'm calling the jungle gym tower. It's got 4 cellular analog antennas and a small handful of microwave transmitters that are not visible. It's also got a few (hardly visible) digital panels that just face northeast. The equpment on this tower belongs to Cingular, but I'd bet that nothing on it has changed since before they acquired AT&T Wireless.

      The cables from the "jungle gym" tower run into that light-colored shelter, which is actually relatively large.

      Continuing right is the monopole with a blue and white microwave transmitter and a whole bunch of digital antennas up high. It's all ATTWS/now Cingular. Clearly there's stuff for the TDMA and GSM networks. The cabling from this monopole also runs into that same equpment shelter. Does anyone know what the ones are on the very top? Old TDMA stuff? Longer-range stuff?

      Next is the wood pole. The three panels on there are the entirety of what Verizon Wireless has for digital at this location. The Verizon equpment shelter is offset to the back right, just beyond view.

      Continuing, there are two brown equpment shelters, used by Nextel and T-Mobile, respectively. The guyed tower on the right supports their transmission equpment. T-Mobile's is up the highest--they're white. Nextel is lower, and they're gray. I think those high and skinney antennas halfway up may be Verizon Wireless analog antennas, but that's just speculation.
    • Andy

      Wow. Very interesting. The picture quality is awesome, especially considering it was taken after sunset. Intersting how Cingular has two towers at this location. I guess the tower with GSM/TDMA on it was added later. I wonder how come they didn't just work with the tower they already had their AMPS equipment on. Does NEXTEL have some panels mounted really low pointing in the direction where the equipment shelter is???
      I'm surprise the Veriozn installation at this location is relatively small when compared to the other carriers and it's surprising that Verizon settled for a wood pole. I wonder if they have more sites on the ground level that provide most of the coverage for this area and don't need that big of an installation of top of Quarry Mountain. The stuff on top of the Cingular tower that has GSM on it looks a little like transmitters for radio. I think I've seen it before in other pictures but I could be wrong.
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    Jun 18, 2006
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