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out of action

Former Cingular site. Cabinets are now gone with antennas still on tower. Cingular blue is on the other side of I-81.

out of action
chuikov, Jan 18, 2006
Location / Street Address:
Good Hope Road
Landmarks or cross street:
Patriot News Building
ZIP Code:
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
Antenna Use:
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • ShoresGuy
      What will happen to this site then? Are the antennas actually still connected to the other site by I-81?
    • pbw
      It'll stay there. I know of a decomissioned Alltel site out in Gloucester County that has been unused for near 7 years. Also in South Carolina (pictures coming soon) there were several sites where Carolina Phone antenna were still around but the base station cabinets had been moved. In one case the whole tower, antenna and coaxial cabling was still present but the cabinets long since removed.
    • chuikov
      Maybe it's not worth the cost to have climbers/cranes remove the antennas. When another carrier comes along and wants that top spot on the tower, taking the antennas down will be part of the deal - I hope.
    • pbw
      Nope. Carriers will just leave the stuff up unless the wind loading justifies the removal of the antenna. What is funny is that most zoning approvals include a boiler plate proviso about the carrier removing the structure within 90 days of its disuse. I've never seen that enforced...
    • n7ryy
      I have seen alot of missing cabinets since Qwest sold off their system to Verizon and Sprint. It seems like it took about six months after they shut down their system for the cabinets to start disappearing, in the meantime the compounds got overgrown with weeds. All antennas and heliax are left in place. Cingular has been colocating on a number of the old Qwest sites in SW Washington.
    • chuikov
      n7ryy, This one used to be just like the "new cingular site at power lines" photo you posted.


      These type of sites are GSM 850 & 1900 only, and the old AWS site across the highway has both and TDMA.

      This might be why they kept the AWS site rather than the Cingular site - my best guess anyway.

      I'm hoping to get some info on this tower. The Cingular guy doesn't have information on it, and it's not in the FCC database either.
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    Pennsylvania (PA)
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    Jan 18, 2006
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