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New Utility Pole

Here's another one of those T-Mobile Utility Poles. This one just went up in the last 2 months. (I've searched this area before) One difference about this one that you can't see in the picture is the pole is square instead of round.

New Utility Pole
adgsteve, Jan 13, 2006
Location / Street Address:
8645 9th Ave S.W.
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Antenna Use:
PCS 1900 MHz
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • adgsteve
      Another interesting thing about this one is there is no permit for it listed on the City's website. These all need permits, so perhaps they just haven't updated the website yet.
    • Andy
      Interesting that the pole is sqaure. All T-Mobile utility pole sites in my area are just normal round poles.
    • KiwiSurfer
      That's a pretty good site, although it would have been good if they covered the antennas up to make it less visible. Does it cover a coverage gap or was it built for capacity reasons?
    • adgsteve
      T-Mobile uses these a lot in Seattle, however this is the first square one I've ever seen too Andy.
      Kiwi - they are all like this, they never cover the panels, just paint them brown to match the pole. You'll find a few of them in the Washington catagory.
      The installation isn't fully complete and there are cables that come back up out of the ground and just droop over to that other pole, where they are coiled up and just hung on the pole. So I don't think it's active yet. I have a picture of the cables but I need to run it through Photoshop then I'll add it here so you can see.(pretty sloppy)
      I think it's for capacity since there is another T-mobile site about a mile south of here that should cover this area. I was really suprised to find this one the other day.
      Around my neighborhood T-Mobile has many sites that are only about a mile apart.:confused:
    • KiwiSurfer
      Thats good, I suppose their cheaper rates for mobile internet means that there is quite a lot of people using GPRS and that takes up quite a lot of GSM timeslots. Has T-Mobile started their UMTS/EDGE rollout yet?
    • adgsteve
      Not to my knowledge. I haven't talked to any of my friends with T-Mobile service about it yet though.
    • Andy
      Try to plug the address into the coverage tool on the t-mobile website, steve, and see what it comes up with. Maybe the areas is a weak area...
      In my area, too, T-Mobile has low-lying sites very close together, and they're still adding sites.
    • adgsteve
      I ran this address through the T-Mobile personal coverage map and it is a bit of a weak area. There is coverage but there's about a half mile circle around this pole that is in the "Fair" range, so it may not be for capacity but for better coverage.
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    Washington (WA)
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    Jan 13, 2006
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