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Tony E!

New Sprint tower in Mission Hills on Lassen/Sepulveda

Monopole type

New Sprint tower in Mission Hills on Lassen/Sepulveda
Tony E!, Jan 28, 2006
Panorama City
Location / Street Address:
15418 Lassen Ave
Landmarks or cross street:
ZIP Code:
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • charlyee
      This one is great, I have always wanted to see what exactly the cautions say. Question for you Tony, do these kind of cautions remain on the site after all construction is completed, all materials removed, and the antenna is fully operational?

    • Andy
      I'm not Tony but I figured I might join in on the party. :)
      Those kind of signs do stay on the fence/building after construction is completed, yes.
    • larry
      I'm wondering why Sprint had to register this one with the FCC. It's well below the height requirements.
    • Tony E!

      Agreed, and yes that's mandatory.
    • charlyee
      Thanks for the info Andy, glad you decided to join the party....:)
    • chuikov
      mandatory ;) .

      I know what you mean.

      It's required by law, but probably close to half of the sites have no warning signs. many have no FCC numbers or site designations. It's a crap shoot.
    • larry
      Remember that most 1900 Mhz PCS sites do not have to be FCC registered.
    • chuikov
      Unfortunately, I'm painfully aware of this.

      I've been trying to make use of abandoned PCS sites recently, and the 'owner' has no record of the sites...........! I'm not making this up!

      Anyway, what I was talking about before was good ole' fashioned cell sites.

      Most of them are not marked properly.
    • TelcomJunkie
      This site is located near an airport.
    • spleck
      I'm like two years late, but I think its good "process" to register every tower with the FCC. I have yet to find tower in my area that is not registered--but I guess that could be due to the Air Force base.
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    California (CA)
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    Tony E!
    Jan 28, 2006
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