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Tony E!

New Sprint tower in Mission Hills on Lassen/Sepulveda

Monopole type

New Sprint tower in Mission Hills on Lassen/Sepulveda
Tony E!, Jan 28, 2006
Mission Hills
Location / Street Address:
15418 Lassen Ave
Landmarks or cross street:
ZIP Code:
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • Tony E!

      thanks Shores...but there's more than one picture..
    • Jonathan Kramer
      Dear Charlyee:

      Local building inspectors will require that a portion of the pad concrete be poured and cured in molds like this. It's permits verification of the mix to insure that the minimum breaking strength for the tower pad has been achieved. The mold will be sent to a lab for that analysis.

      You can imagine what would happen if the pad strength is insufficent to hold the load under weight/torque.


    • charlyee
      Jonathan, thank you, so it is the pad's structural strength.

      I see 3 molds, is it for different types of testing and/or testing agency? Is it for 3 different mix ratio/condition?

      Sorry for all the questions. :)
    • ShoresGuy
      I know, I asked the same question a while back and it seems that this is a standard feature.
    • Tony E!

      Yes Charliee pointed out to me that Joe has this posted as wanting it this way just in case anyone has updated information for the tower posted.
    • JFB
      The ability to edit is intentional and is discussed in this thread.

      Please discuss it over there so this thread about concrete doesn't get hijacked. ;)
    • Jonathan Kramer
      C: Not sure. It could be that there three separate loads, or three separate pads. I tend to think it's separate pads. :J
    • jimrig
      PSI is "pounds per square inch". Those containers have samples of concrete that was used for the equipment pad. They are sent for testing to make sure the concrete set properly.
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    California (CA)
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    Tony E!
    Jan 28, 2006
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