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New Nextel/Sprint synergy combo site (2 of 3)

This is one of my first set of pics of a new CDMA and IDEN combo site where all equipment is located together in the same shed and the panel arrays contain both technologies. These are starting to pop up all over the place here in So. Cal.

New Nextel/Sprint synergy combo site (2 of 3)
larry, Nov 30, 2006
Aliso Viejo
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Pacific Park Drive
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    • Andy
      Awesome...Great job there!!!

      Does taking away one NEXTEL panel have any effect on NEXTEL coverage/call quality? I'm excited to see these new synergy sites popping up- this could make Sprint number one, coverage wise, in many areas.
    • JFB
      Nice picture...right up close and personal.
    • Gman
      In this picture which is Sprint and which is Nextel ?
    • larry
      Sprint uses the smaller panels and only needs one per sector. Nextel uses larger panels and usually more of them. Oddly there are only 2 sectors on this installation so it doesn't provide very good coverage to all directions.
    • larry
      Yeah I was literally like 10 feet away. It's the closest I've ever been to antennas. I hope I don't die from radiation.;)
    • JTVOIP
      On these new synergy sites do all of them have the equipment inside a shelter, or are there any that just have the equipment on a pad?

      Around here I've never seen Sprint with its equipment in a shelter. It's always on a pad. And the opposite goes for Nextel.
    • Andy
      That is right- Sprint owned and built sites never have equipment shelters, whereas NEXTEL does. What happens with synergy sites is that the new Sprint equipment is just added inside the shelter(assuming there is still space available in the shelter). If Sprint starts synergy sites here in UT, I would expect the new Sprint equipment to be housed inside the NEXTEL shelter as well.
    • larry
      I would think that all of the new synergy sites would use an enclosed shelter. I'm not sure what happens when they add IDEN to an exisiting Sprint site. They probably have to build a larger equipment area to accomodate the Nextel equipment. But most of Nextels sites were originally built extra large and have room to add Sprint's smaller equipment.
    • Andy
      Larry, isn't the NEXTEL iDEN side supposed to be shut down sooner or later? Why would Sprint spend money and resources improving the iDEN network so desperately when it won't be around forever??? Sorry if I'm missing something.
    • larry
      The IDEN side will be around for a while. They aren't ready to shut it down any time soon. So in the meantime they have to quickly make their IDEN customers happy by improving their capacity problems.

      One thing's for sure though. When they do finally convert everything to CDMA Sprint is going to be the coverage king. :D
    • Andy
    • larry
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    Nov 30, 2006
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