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New Multi-carrier 241 Toll Road Towers

One of 4 new towers on the 241 Toll Road. This one is located South of Jeffrey Road at the 241 and will provide new coverage for at least 4 carriers.

New Multi-carrier 241 Toll Road Towers
larry, Oct 29, 2009
Location / Street Address:
241 Toll Road
ZIP Code:
Structure Type:
Antenna Use:
Multiple Types
Number of Carriers:
    • JFB
      Is it supposed to be a sculpture?
    • larry
    • connectorhead
      they decided on this tower because it's quicker & cheaper
    • connectorhead
      the tower at windy ridge looks better, I also like the one called percida!
    • larry
      The Windy Ridge tower is pretty much identical isn't it?

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      Note the temporary sites to the left which will be moved into the new tower on the right.
    • connectorhead
      the sites on the left are gone..........also if you look close windy ridge is done!!!!!!!!!!!!(except for a few minor details) the other site only looks like it's done, LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING
    • larry
      Ok so they did complete the Windy Ridge site and removed the no-longer-needed temp sites? This picture was taken about 15 days ago and I haven't been there since. Thanks for the tip.
    • connectorhead
      no problem, I could give daily reports since I am 1 of the 3 guys who built & stacked it........
    • Reed
      Does anyone know who designed and constructed these towers? Was there a public forum at which to give input and address public concerns? Who funded the projects? Why was such a permenent and expensive solution selected? These projects could have been completed at a fraction of the cost if a different design had been used. If any public funds were used to facilitate the placement of these towers, a transparent design process should have been followed. Connectorhead, you probably could answer some of these questions.
    • envgeek
      Sprint built them with the intent for multi-carrier sites.
    • larry
      Drove by today and this site is still not active for Sprint. But the one just like it about 2 miles to the North is active.
    • connectorhead
      sprint is active on 2 of 4 as far as i know, the 2 on the west and most north on 241 as of 12/18........and that ugly cow at windy ridge is finally gone.........
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    California (CA)
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    Oct 29, 2009
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