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New Cell Site On Reserve Dr - Kalispell

Does anyone know who uses this type of setup? I'm assuming it's Verizon since it's a nearly dead spot for Verizon. Verizon is 850 here. This is at Swank Enterprises in Kalispell.

New Cell Site On Reserve Dr - Kalispell
markuhde, Aug 2, 2008
Location / Street Address:
Reserve Street
Landmarks or cross street:
Swank Enterprises
ZIP Code:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
    • spleck
      Those are not the panels that VZW uses in the Southeast. I think Verizon uses the finned panels everywhere.

      You should be able to look around at the site and determine whose it is. With only one carrier, there should be no problem. Look for phone numbers too--you can call or look them up here in one of the threads.
    • markuhde
      I have wrote to a connection of mine at Cellular One to see if he knows anything. I'm 99% sure it's NOT theirs because I have some awareness of their future plans.

      Do you know what frequency the antennas are for?

      This is an 850-only market for Verizon.

      Alltel uses both 850 and 1900 here.

      Those factors and the fact Verizon is very week in the area - and it's in the MIDDLE of Verizon's very weak area hint Verizon to me.

      It looks like no other site here for any carrier.
    • Bill Clinton
      This certainly could be Verizon. Verizon uses more than just the shark fin antennas. I have seen Verizon using different types of panels in the same market and sometimes on the same site! They do often favor the type of array pictures with 4 panels per sector so it is a safe guess to think this is Verizon if you can't think of another carrier who it might be.

      If the site is active find a Verizon phone and go test it near the site!
    • markuhde
    • Bill Clinton
      Well perhaps when the power meters are finished you will know who the site belongs to. If not, you may have to wait until it is active. I would not be surprised to see other carriers locate on this site too.
    • markuhde
      I, myself, would be very surprised to see other carriers locate on it any time soon. Airtel is essentially a failed company that is just hanging on - new sites aren't even in their vocabulary.

      Cellular One could somewhat use the coverage this site location would provide, but they have a lot of other build plans and I wouldn't expect them to add to it until at least the new shopping center (which they will have quite poor coverage in) north of this site is built - all of the area south of the site they are "okay" in except Borders (for some reason, Borders soaks up cell signal). Still, it's a possibility for the somewhat more distant future.

      Alltel I doubt will be adding ANY sites until after they are bought, and it'll depend on who buys them. Again, this wouldn't be a very high-priority location. It would help, and it'd fill in coverage in Borders, but other than that they have OKAY signal levels.

      Only Verizon desperately needs coverage here. Also, most towers in the area are only sites for a single carrier (though there are exceptions)
    • Andy
      This is a VZW site- we activated it a few months back.
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