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New Additions To Bell Monopole 7/8

July 30, 2009 I believe the construction is finished. The crane is no longer there anymore. I'm not sure whether the new panels belong to Bell Mobility or if a new carrier has come along. Will find out soon.

New Additions To Bell Monopole 7/8
Der84, Jul 30, 2009
Sarnia Ontario
Outside the United States
Location / Street Address:
Corner of Colbourne Rd and Cathcart Blvd
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
Bell Mobility
    • Der84
      I haven't had a chance to get close enough to get a picture of the additions to the shelter. The monopole is located behind a couple of shops and there is still a few big trucks blocking the way. Not sure if I want to risk going back there yet.
    • Gottachase
      Hey did you get video of the addition because if you did I was wondering if I could have a copy.
    • Der84
      No, sorry, I didn't video tape it. I had maybe thought about it. But I was also on my way to work when I took some of these pics. Those guys were on that site for since the beginning of the week.
    • Gottachase
      That's ok, I just wish more antennas were going up near me.
    • JFB
      Good one...thanks for sharing those.
    • Der84
      Not a problem, There is actually an apartment building across town that has had Bell Mobility panels on it for years, and it looks like they are adding some new ones to it as well. I've already taken pictures of the building with old ones on it a week or two ago, but am going to see if I can get a few pics of the guys on the roof putting the new ones up.
    • Gottachase

      Video too please lol jk :D
    • KyleAndMelissa22
      It appears on Google Earth that Sarnia is a medium sized suburban city.

      Do you know if any of the carriers had a weaker signal in that part of the city,
      because in a suburban city I would expect everyone to have fully developed their networks a while ago,
      obviously focusing on the bigger cities first, then rural areas.
    • Der84
      Well I would suspect that Telus would have a weak signal, considering that they have no panels really close by to my house (that I'm aware of) which is where this tower is located. Unless this is Telus that was recently added. I still have yet to confirm who it is. I'll have to ask two of my friends what kind of signals they get. One being with Telus, and the other with Bell. I have Rogers and I get a pretty good signal.

      Both Bell and Telus however are CDMA, so I'm wondering if its necessary that only one of the two need be present in a certain area. I have had people with Telus pick up a signal when only Bell Mobility is around.

      From what I've seen on Bell Mobility towers in bigger cities like London or Toronto, there did seem to be more equipment on them that have been up for quite awhile. However all the Bell Mobility locations in Sarnia and the surrounding area have just recently had newer panels added to them. So yes I would agree that they do focus on the bigger cities first and then move on to the smaller suburban areas like Sarnia.
    • Deleted member 154659
      do a network scan with a 3G UMTS phone to see if 302-880 is being broadcast, if so, one of the sets of antennai are the new Bellus 3G and the others might be a co-locate of either wind or dave or another company that starts with R.
    • Deleted member 154659
      yup it is bellus 3G umts, they hid the rest of the equiptment in the equiptment shelter cabinets
    • Der84
      Hmm..interesting. It could possibly be Dave as Bell did agree to share their towers with them. But I didn't think they would have their equipment out this far in my area quite yet. As for Wind, I didn't think they would be in the process of having their equipment up yet.
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