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More synergy sites

This is another new one that just came up in the City of Pomona (LA County)

More synergy sites
larry, Jan 7, 2007
Location / Street Address:
Landmarks or cross street:
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Antenna Use:
Multiple Types
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
Carrier on 2nd highest antenna:
    • Jonathan Kramer
      Ah, the hallmarks of a cheap design. Bark cladding stops at the level of the lowest branches and the antennas are not covered. So sad!

    • TelcomJunkie
      What JK, you haven't seen this rare species of tree out in the wild? It's a MissingusBarkustsuga menziesii.
    • larry
      I'm not sure how long the pole has been there. Nextel might have put it up a few years back. Sprint just installed the CDMA panels. So it's probably back in the era when the cities were accepting of this type of design.
    • Jonathan Kramer
      >> quack!
    • Psychotronic
      Well it's slightly better looking than the one near Garey and Foothill though that's not saying much.
    • QLR
      This thread answered my question: What's a synergy site? :) How can you differentiate the CDMA panels from the iDen ones?
    • larry
      A synergy site is the term being used by Sprint for a post merger site where either CDMA was added to an IDEN site or vice versa (usually on the same array of panels). The CDMA panels are flatter and there's usually only one of them per sector. So they're very easy to spot.
    • Psychotronic
      Thanks mate! I was curious about that myself. :)
    • larry
      Hey you're from Pomona? Sprint's also going to add CDMA to the Nextel pole between Rio Rancho Road & E Village Loop Road in Pomona. That's the one on the North side of the 60 near Diamond Bar. I don't recall what type of pole it is because it's been about 4 years since I was there.
    • Psychotronic
      I seldom get to the Phillips Ranch area but I'll have to check that one out.
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    California (CA)
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    Jan 7, 2007
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