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E-Plus UHS Est.1, Colonius Tower, Innere Kanalstraße 98, Köln

This is an E-Plus UHS (Ultra High Site) setup on top of the former Bundespost (now Deutsche Telekom T-Com/T-Mobile) Colonius Tower/exchange in western Cologne. The panels are visible in the closeups.

E-Plus UHS Est.1, Colonius Tower, Innere Kanalstraße 98, Köln
ShoresGuy, Apr 21, 2006
Outside the United States
Location / Street Address:
Innere Kanalstr. 98
ZIP Code:
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Attached to or on a building
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    • ShoresGuy
      Here are the closeups:



    • GSM-Frank

      Sorry, this is wrong.
      There are no GSM or UMTS Antennas on the Colonius-Tower.
      They are on the neigbour building at No. 98.
      The Tower has No. 100.

    • Andy
      Even if it's not true, it's a very nice picture nevertheless.
    • ShoresGuy
      Hmmm interesting, I was taking a direct look at those 2-panel setups which are at the base of the DVB-T antenna on the uppermost round level. There are 3 of these 2-panel setups:





      Could those 2-panel structures be GSM or UMTS setups? Please have a look by zooming in on the panels I circled.
    • ShoresGuy


      the Colonius used to have a revolving restaurant at the top but it's been closed to the public for nearly 10 years since Deutsche Telekom hasn't been able to find a new tenant.
    • Andy

      I remember my Dad once ate at the restaurant when it was still open a long time ago. I wonder if it would just be too expensive for people to go dine at if it were ever reopened.
    • ShoresGuy
      Your family sure has gotten around :D

      I honestly don't know what the deal with the tower's future is.
    • Andy
      Lol. Yeah they sure did. My Dad used to come to the U.S. every few months before we finally immigrated, and while in Germany we continuously traveled throughout Europe.

      If you hear anything else about the tower, let us know.
    • ShoresGuy
      I still think that those 2-sector panels are GSM panels. What else could those panels be? I doubt that those are microwave links.
    • GSM-Frank
      Today i have contact with the company who hat mounted the antennas.

      This setup is not from T-Mobile.

      It is UHS from E-Plus with 18 antennas an 6 Node B.

    • ShoresGuy
      Very cool, thanks for the info, Frank. Were you able to find out whether this is a GSM or a combined GSM/UMTS UHS setup?
    • GSM-Frank
      Because, i have asked the owner of the firm who has mountet the antennas.
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    Apr 21, 2006
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