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detuned tower

This is a four carrier pole that has a detuning kit on it. I don't know how they work, but it's supposed to keep the tower from affecting signal from AM radio. Also, Clearwire internet service is second from top.

detuned tower
chuikov, Mar 14, 2007
Location / Street Address:
Rt.1 and Contee Rd
Structure Type:
Overall Height (in feet):
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
Carrier on 3rd highest antenna:
Carrier on 4th highest antenna:
    • wirles
      The AM detuning system, such as the one on this tower works like this:

      The tower itself (probably within 5 miles of an AM station broadcast site) acts as an antenna and will re-radiate the AM signal which can really mess up the propagation control of the station and put them out of compliance with their license. The FCC requires that any structure within a certain radius of an AM station be have a study done and be detuned (at the cost of the new tower owner). The wires will change the 'silhouette' of the structure and put it out of a harmonic wavelength of the AM frequency. Another thing they do is connect at the base to a ground shunt which will capture the energy and run it to ground.

      Better explanation can be found at LBA's website. Lawrence Behr is the preeminent master of AM detuning.
    • JFB
      That's interesting, thanks for the explanation.
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    Maryland (MD) and Washington, DC
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    Mar 14, 2007
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