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Jonathan Kramer

Detail of Cactus Base and Body

In response to a query from Andy84094 I'm uploading this detail shot to show the quality of the camouflage all the way down to the base mount. Outstanding work by Larson-USA.

Detail of Cactus Base and Body
Jonathan Kramer, Sep 7, 2005
Fountain Hills
Location / Street Address:
Shea Blvd.
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
Antenna Use:
Don't know
    • Andy
      That is very interesting, Jonathan, thank you very much! Sorry for the dumb question, but the equipment is also inside the cactus?
    • Jonathan Kramer
      Nope. It's nearby. I have far more pictures of these cacti sites at CellularPCS.com -jlk-
    • Andy
      Wow, what an awesome site!!! Thanks for the link!!! The KMLT transmitter is awesome.
    • Jonathan Kramer
      Hi Andy:

      I'm very proud about how KMLT has come out. I was the wireless planning advisor for Thousand Oaks when that site was considered and approved, and the inspector. Because of that, I've been able to capture the construction phases of the underground transmitter facility. The project will be done within the next 90 days.

      I am capturing the development of two other sites at the moment. A Verizon camo site in a clock tower, and a Cingular camo site behind parapets. I'll release each series of photos when the projects are on air. For reasons that you'll learn later, the Verizon site is far more interesting. :browani:

    • Andy
      YOu are so lucky being in the center of all of this ;)
      I've never even thought a FM station could broadcast out of something that KMLT is. How is coverage with an antenna like this? How powerful can you boost the signal out of this???

      I went through your whole website tonight and found it fascinating, too bad there are no pictures more close to home ;)
    • Gamer03
      Cool picture Jonathan.

      And I agree with Andy. That is awesome site! :D
    • Jonathan Kramer
      About the only thing wrong (if you want call it that) is that the lifting bolts were left in the top of several of the cacti. You won't notice it in most cases, but my eye seems to catch those things. The other thing I'd change in the design would be to make the top of the cactus a but less than dome shape. Perhaps a bit of a taper before rounding. These are minor points! jlk
    • MOTOhooligan
      Great pic and outstanding site! All we have around here are lame flag pole "camo" sites. I know why we don't have cacti, obviously, but I want some fake trees and stuff.
    • Jonathan Kramer

      I don't know 'bout that. Perhaps some cacti would add to Manhattan, either in NY *or* KS! :lmao: :lmao: =jlk=
    • walkguru
      nice shot of the cactus,
    • RJB
      That is one cactus you can run into
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    Arizona (AZ)
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    Jonathan Kramer
    Sep 7, 2005
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