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Jonathan Kramer

Del Mar Micro-oops Site

This is a close-up of what I suspect to be a T-Mobile site at the Del Mar racetrack parking lot. Notice the broken microwave hangers. Very poor form!

Del Mar Micro-oops Site
Jonathan Kramer, Dec 12, 2005
Del Mar
Location / Street Address:
Del Mar Racetrack parking lot
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Antenna Use:
PCS 1900 MHz
Number of Carriers:
    • Jonathan Kramer
      A bit more on this site:

      I presume the microwave dish is for backhaul to the MTSO. As I've commented before, where T1s or other options are available, those options should be favored over a dish so that the visual element can be eliminated. :cool:

      The microwave waveguide hangers are busted, or the waveguide was replaced in a hurry without the benefit of new hangers. Rather than afixing the hangers, someone (a site tech, most likely) used a cable pulling grip to grab the waveguide.

      Not a recommended practice. :browani:

    • larry
      Sprint has a site on the Del Mar Fairgrounds parking area and I think Nextel does as well. I've seen both of them (monopalms) but haven't seen this one. So I think your're right this could be T-Mobile.
    • Jonathan Kramer
      The adjacent monopalm is Sprint (Global Signal owns the site). This site 'smells' like a Cingular to T-Mobile handoff. :deadhorse: jlk
    • Andy
      How many calls can a microwave backhaul carry at any given time?

      Aren't Mobile to Mobile calls routed differently than calls to, say landlines or a different cell carrier??
    • Jonathan Kramer
      It varies by the capacity of microwave. Typically, a microwave network can handle multiple T1s so its unlikely that backhaul capacity is a limiting factor.

      M2M on the same network will still be switched like any other call. The MTSO will find the called mobile and route the call. If the called mobile is logged into a different switch, the call will be routed to the remote switch for completion. Pretty normal stuff.

    • Andy
      Then why is it possible to get an "All Circuits are Busy" message when calling landlines, but, at the same time, calling a subscriber M2M is not a problem.
      I'm sure it's pretty normal stuff for those who know, but I'm a little confused. :D
    • KiwiSurfer
      Usually its the circuit between the cellular network and the landline provider that is full, rather than than capacity issues at your local site or the associated switch.

      Are the microwave dishes usually this big in CA? Here in New Zealand they are usually fairly small, and Vodafone has been replacing some large ones with smaller ones at sites requiring more backhaul capacity for 3G.
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    California (CA)
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    Jonathan Kramer
    Dec 12, 2005
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