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Columbus Township.

According to cellreception.com it says this tower is owned by Cingular Wireless. Not sure who else is on here though.

Columbus Township.
Der84, Jul 19, 2008
Columbus Township
Location / Street Address:
2917 Ellsworth Rd.
Structure Type:
Radio/Latticed tower
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
253 ft.
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on 2nd highest antenna:
    • cellular_freak
      This tower is right down the road from my cousin's house. They live on Fred Moore Hwy. So, not only do the second set of panels look like Verizon, I'm guessing that since my cousins get good service with Verizon, that's what it is.
    • Der84
      Verizon?? Really?? This must be one of the very few sites where Verizon doesn't have the Shark fin antennas.

      That must be the tower they get their Verizon signal from though, because I see no other tower close by on the American Tower map that has Verizon.
    • cellular_freak
      Yeah. There are some places that Verizon doesn't use those type of antennas. I think there's one in Saginaw that doesn't even resemble Verizon at all but it is.
    • Der84
      Well if you ever get a pic of it, I'm curious to see it, if not already up.

      Stupid question. It says this tower is owned by Cingular Wireless, but when I went to tag it, I noticed it wasn't in the top section with the other major carriers (verizon, nextel etc.) Just to be sure, is this Cingular on the top?? Just because I haven't seen too many towers here that seem to be tagged as Cingular.
    • cellular_freak
      Here's one: http://gallery.wirelessadvisor.com/showimage.php?i=5164&c=26 (Second set)
      Here's another: http://gallery.wirelessadvisor.com/showimage.php?i=4902&c=26 (Top set I believe)
      And there's another one that they use the panels just on one side because they are on a border area: http://gallery.wirelessadvisor.com/showimage.php?i=5005&c=26 (Top)

      Yes, I believe the top is AT&T (Cingular). When you look at AT&T's Coverage Viewer online, they show a huge "bubble" right over that address. My cousins also say that their friends get good service with AT&T while at their house, so I would imagine that's them.
    • Der84
      Oh ok, I thought that AT&T and Cingular were two completely different companies and would have separate antennas... guess I was wrong, ha ha.
    • cellular_freak
      I guess since you're from Canada, you wouldn't know. LOL. There used to be two different companies a while back: AT&T Wireless and Cingular Wireless. And then, Cingular Wireless bought out AT&T Wireless. So then, there was just Cingular Wireless. And THEN, Cingular's parent companies decided to merge and when that was all said and done, the parent company was known as AT&T. So they decided to RE-NAME Cingular Wireless to AT&T Mobility, which is what we call "AT&T" for short. They didn't want to rename it AT&T Wireless again as not to confuse customers, but the whole situation is a bit confusing, as you can see. LOL.
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    Jul 19, 2008
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