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Cell Site???

Whatever this is, is located on the border of Ontario and Michigan (seen in the background). There are four different panels on this monopole thing and one small microwave dish. Is this a cell site?? If not what is it?

Cell Site???
Der84, Jul 6, 2009
Sarnia, Ontario
Outside the United States
Location / Street Address:
St. Clair Pkwy
Structure Type:
    • Yankees368
      Yup, it's a cell site alright. The panels are shielded, as to direct the signal away from Michigan, and contain it within Canada. The other 2 panels that are pointing back into Canada do not need to be shielded.
    • Der84
      I just wasn't sure if it was or not. It wasn't listed on the Canadian cell tower map. I'm not even sure if I know what carrier that is. This site is pointed right at a part of "Chemical Valley" (Sarnia's chemical plants). There are a few cell towers in the area, but I'm assuming this was to cover any dead spots that the others weren't hitting. It's also hard to tell if it's one carrier or three as there are three different panels but only one cabinet at the bottom.

      By the way, thanks for the response!
    • Deleted member 154659
      yup 2 sectors on the top and 2 in the middle. the top looks like they are preventing the signal to leak over to the us side.
    • Der84

      Any guesses as to who the carrier is? I've been trying to figure this one out forever.
    • Yankees368
      There are no markings on the equipment at the base?
    • Der84
      Nope there is no markings or signs whatsoever. Just the small cabinet at the base. I haven't been able to find any info on this site in the Industry Canada database.
    • Yankees368
      Well, when all else fails....ram a car into the equipment box and see who shows up to fix it!
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    Jul 6, 2009
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