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Atlanta, Everybody On 2 Towers

2 Different towers side by side in Downtown Atlanta, GA. These towers are right near the Georgia Dome (a quarter mile south). The tower info is for the tower on the left. Carrier info is for both towers.

Atlanta, Everybody On 2 Towers
KyleAndMelissa22, Sep 16, 2007
Atlanta (Downtown)
Location / Street Address:
Centennial Olympic Park Drive SW
Landmarks or cross street:
Martin Luther King Junior Drive NW
ZIP Code:
Distance of GPS #s to cell site:
15 feet
Structure Type:
Camouflaged/Stealth Cell Site?:
Overall Height (in feet):
180 feet
Antenna Use:
Multiple Types
Carrier on 2nd highest antenna:
Carrier on 3rd highest antenna:
Carrier on 4th highest antenna:
Carrier on 5th highest antenna:
Carrier on 6th highest antenna:
    • spleck
      Can we separate this into two sites using the same picture? The info lists 6 antennas on one FCC tower ID, but there's obviously two towers.
    • TelcomJunkie
      Once a tower is registered, the owner is not required to inform the FCC of tenant changes. Also, the registration number is only for one tower. By the look of it, though not guaranteed, the tower on the right doesn't require FCC ASR registration.
    • KyleAndMelissa22
      The 2 cell towers are only 65 feet apart (I just measured them on Google Earth).

      The FCC ID number I listed (1042796) is for the tower on the left,
      I could not find any Registered ID for the one on the right.

      The 6+ carriers listed are for both towers, and are not in any order,
      I put who should be on them based on available carriers in the Atlanta area.

      I was only at this intersection for about 2 minutes,
      and this was back on 9-15-2007, haven't been to Atlanta since.

      Maybe someone in the Atlanta area could go check these two towers out?
      I don't think I'll be in Downtown Atlanta anytime soon.
      They're just south of the Georgia Dome's parking area.

      Also, I'm not sure if these cell towers were affected by that Atlanta tornado on 3-14-2008,
      but that is a possibility, as the Georgia dome was hit, about 1,000 feet away.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Here are two snapshots from Google Earth of the area:


    • JFB
      Very nice cell site post.....thanks!
    • spleck
      I was just curious about which antennas belonged to whom, but if you don't have them in order, its not a big deal. I drove past this area last weekend and didn't realize I should have checked up on them.
    • KyleAndMelissa22
      It's hard to tell who is who on parts of the left tower.
      By the looks of it, I think the one on the right is all CDMA.

      Sometimes it's easy to tell who is who on a tower if you know the area.
      But I don't live in the Atlanta area, and some of the antennas on the left tower look similar.
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    Georgia (GA)
    Uploaded By:
    Sep 16, 2007
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  • GPS Coord. LAT.:
    GPS Coord. LONG.:
    Ground Level Altitude (in feet):
    1,048 feet
    Cell ID (CID) or ASR# or FCC#:
    FCC # 1042796
    Antenna Types:

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