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American Tower *VZW* at Cedar Mountain

The site is owned by American Tower. It's used by the Verizon Wireless CDMA 1x2000 network. It's the site that your phone camps on anywhere on Utah I-80 between about mile 52 and mile 75 or 80.

American Tower *VZW* at Cedar Mountain
JTVOIP, Aug 4, 2006
Western Desert
Structure Type:
Radio/Latticed tower
Antenna Use:
Cellular 800/850 MHz
Number of Carriers:
Carrier on topmost/highest antenna:
    • JFB
      Nice picture....great view!
    • Yankees368
      Wow, you would need 50 urban sites to match the power output of that one sucker!
    • Andy
      That is a great shot, awesome view! Nice to see you back on here with new pictures.

      Verizon coverage does have some holes, though on this stretch of highway doesn't it? Where are all the other carriers located?
    • JTVOIP
      VZW has a site near Grantsville. This is the next one west of that. If you keep going west, there is a dead spot between mile 52 and mile 51. I know they are aware of it :) After that, you get a signal off a tower in the salt flats, and eventually you get a signall from Wendover.

      Other carriers: Cingular has one not too far from here, and they co-locate on a salt flat spot, so its coverage is about the equivalent of Verizon's.

      Sprint PCS does not have any sites west of Grantsville. Once you go around the slight bend at about 112* 38' West, native Sprint PCS airwaves are non-usable.
    • Andy
      I'm glad Verizon is aware of this problem. Cingular is said to be putting up a site along this stretch closer to Wendover to fix a gap in coverage so that's probably the gap that you are referring to.
      Sprint PCS has nothing west of Grantsville but they did put up a site near Wendover a year ago or so, probably to limit roaming in town itself.
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    Utah (UT)
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    Aug 4, 2006
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