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Verizon Coverage In Middlesboro, KY

Discussion in 'Central US Wireless Forum' started by elvis1959, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. elvis1959

    elvis1959 New Member

    Jan 26, 2007
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    I live in Middlesboro, KY (zip code 40965) and have AT&T phones and Verizon phones (for times when I visit my daughter in Lee County, VA). I have recently considered switching to Sprint, because I can have coverage in both places with 1 phone. There are questions about roaming more than 50% of the time with Sprint, however. In addition, I have been told that Verizon will have digital coverage in Middlesboro by May 2008 since it has bought Ramcell. Another Verizon rep tells me that Verizon already has a tower in Middlesboro, but has not activated it yet. Is there any way to get a definitive answer to when Verizon will have digital coverage in Middlesboro so that I can decide whether the switch to Sprint is the thing to do? Overall, I would rather be able to have my service with Verizon (especially given Sprint's roaming policy), but I cannot wait till May. Also, Sprint initially showed on its website that it would have EV-DO coverage here within 120 days, but now no longer shows that. Is there any way to verify whether and when EV-DO coverage will come to Middlesboro as well?
  2. ausbeer62

    ausbeer62 New Member

    Jul 31, 2005
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    Around here I've found around here that there are a couple of people at the local telco who know at least approximately when the cell tower is going to be activated. They usually hook up fiber to it and also there's some equipment at the CO that has to be installed and activated so they've got an approximate idea as to when the new cell tower is going to be workable. So if you know guys who work at the local telephone company you'll come closer to finding this info out from them rather than the Verizon people who are probably all from Lexington and are sworn to secrecy for some reason. Hell, they won't even tell the people at the local store how many and where their towers are located.

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