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I May Have A Stolen APPLE iPhone 3G. What Can I Do With It?

Discussion in 'APPLE iPhone' started by Stylez, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Stylez

    Stylez New Member

    Aug 13, 2009
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    I have just recently purchased an Apple iPhone 3G. The individual that was selling the
    iPhone seemed decent enough. So I, having no knowledge of the iPhone being infact, stolen property... went ahead and made the buy. It was to good to let pass, even in it's current state.

    And for the record, I Really hope that the iPhone I've got now isn't a stolen, but if it is...
    Will I be able to use it, activate service, and/or establish a new account with it later?

    The serial number, model number, IMEI number, and the ICCID numbers have been each established are documented.

    As is, this iPhone 3G has no current mobile service, and when the iPhone is powered on, the screen displays an image instructing the iPhone be pluged into an iTunes adapter for further iPhone access.

    The only call feature this iPhone has currently available is for dialing emergency numbers.

    The iPhones original (or previous) SIM card is still inserted, but why couldnt I just replace that one, with a SIM card that already has service?

    Is the SIM card included with the purchase of an Apple iPhone 3G, or... does the iPhones wireless service, AT&T provide the SIM card once an account is activated?

    I really need someone to explain any of the options I have available and to explain it to me like I was 6 years old for complete understanding. I would greatly appreciate it.

    And before I forget to ask...
    Whats a "JailBreak" for the iPhone?
    (A lengthy explanation is not needed, just a brief summary would work for me)

    ____I want to thank everyone for taking the time reviewing my post
  2. hf1khal

    hf1khal Who am I to judge
    Senior Member

    Dec 2, 2006
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    Re: I Have A Stolen APPLE iPhone 3G. What Can I Do With It?

    First things first, How did you find out it was stolen? Now as to the start up that is typical of an iphone with a SIM that has not been activated. As to the iphone it self, hopefully that it was not actually stolen and if it is may be this person (if it is the pone who sold it to you) gets reported because I don't think I want to be next and not even you. Now as to if they can know if it is stolen or not, I honestly do not think they can. Now to activation, The iPhone has a specific SIM card and we don't know which one you have. If you do want to activate go to an AT&T store and have them give you one and they can activate it for you and then later you when you get home could finish the activation process. Now if you do not have an at&t service well, then you need to jailbreak it and get it unlocked via Jailbreak. As to Jailbreak, this is basicaly opneing up the iPhone's OS and allows the installation of app and do modifications to the iphone OS (Springboard). With that you can do many things including having a wallpaper instead of the black screen background and turning on some functionalities that Apple decided not to have in it. For more info head to iClarified - Tutorials - iPhone and read in there about the jailbreak process.
  3. viewfly

    viewfly Mobile RF Advisor
    Senior Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Re: Im Almost Possitive my APPLE iPHONE is stolen property

    Yes, all iphones come with a SIM inside, whether from Apple or ATT. The SIM is inside the phone, in the box, wrapped in plastic. I'm surprise the person selling it didn't take the SIM card out, unless he just place a junk one inside.

    But to use the phone with ATT you will need to get a new sim and a service plan at $30 a month.
  4. TnA2xXtReM

    TnA2xXtReM Member
    Junior Member

    Aug 1, 2009
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    Re: I Have A Stolen APPLE iPhone 3G. What Can I Do With It?

    It seems like the seller restored the iPhone to factory setting prior to selling it to you. Once restored, you have to go through the entire activation process again if you want to start it off 'legit' and be on the AT&T network. To do that, just put your AT&T simcard into the iPhone (on the top of the iPhone between the power button and headphone jack). Use the SIM card removal tool to out the SIM tray. If you don't have that, just use a push pin, but remember not to just too much force. Once you inserted your AT&T sim in, just plug the iPhone into the computer with an updated iTune. Then, just follow the direction.

    If you intend to use the iPhone on a different network or don't have an AT&T sim card, you can bypass the activation process by jailbreaking it and unlocking it. Hf1khal's provided link is a great start for you to learn about the process. Just remember to double read everything prior to doing the process.

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