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AT&T Wireless Offers International Text Messaging (SMS) Between Mexico and the US

Discussion in 'Wireless News' started by Etorres777, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. Etorres777

    Etorres777 Life is good for now..
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    Jun 16, 2004
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    AT&T Wireless Offers International Text Messaging (SMS) Between Mexico and the United States

    International Text Messaging Service (SMS) and New Monthly Plan from AT&T Wireless Offers an Affordable, Effective Way to Connect Millions of Mobile Users Between Mexico and the U.S.

    For Immediate Release: Thursday, September 09, 2004

    Mexico D.F. - AT&T Wireless today announced the recent expansion of its international text messaging (SMS) services, permitting delivery of text messages between Mexican and North American users. The service helps build a communications bridge across the border that supports business development with Mexico´s primary trading partner and links the more than 10 million Mexicans living in the United States with their family and friends in Mexico.

    In addition, AT&T Wireless announced the availability of the first international text messaging monthly plan in the U.S., giving customers 50 text messages from the U.S. for $4.99 per month. AT&T Wireless subscribers who select this plan can lower the cost of sending international text messages to as little as $.10 per message. Unlike most national U.S. carriers, incoming text messages to AT&T Wireless subscribers are free and unlimited.

    With AT&T Wireless's reciprocal international text messaging in place in more than eight Latin American countries, 24 European countries, and dozens of countries across the rest of the world, users can keep in touch with families and friends within Latin America and in the United States. AT&T Wireless now has agreements with virtually all Mexican operators, including Iusacell, Telcel, Telefónica MoviStar and Unefon. The company's international text messaging capabilities allow AT&T Wireless users to reach the overwhelming majority of mobile users across the globe in more than 80 countries, through more than 200 local operators.

    Glenice Maclellan, vice president of messaging services at AT&T Wireless, commented, "Our company is leading the charge to meet the growing need for text messaging services between the U.S. and billions of users around the world. For many people, especially overseas, text messaging is the preferred way of communicating with friends and family. AT&T Wireless' global reach is significant for them, as loved-ones and colleagues in the U.S. are now just a text message away."

    Studies done by KRC Research in Europe also suggest that AT&T Wireless leadership in expanding international text messaging capabilities will serve to increase the use and adoption of text messaging on both sides of the Atlantic. A significant portion of AT&T Wireless' international text messaging traffic already comes from messages sent between Latin America and the U.S.

    Price and Availability

    Virtually all mobile subscribers in Mexico can exchange messages with approximately 20 million AT&T Wireless customers with compatible handsets.

    To send a text message to an AT&T Wireless subscriber, mobile users in Mexico simply enter the country code, and the telephone number: 001(2125555555).

    AT&T Wireless customers in the U.S. can send and receive text messages to users in other countries for $0.25. AT&T Wireless subscribers can also sign up for the international text messaging plan which gives them 50 messages to send for $4.99 per month. This plan can effectively lower the cost of sending international text messages to as little as $.10 per message, which is comparable to domestic text messaging rates. Unlike with most other U.S. carriers, AT&T Wireless customers only pay for text messages that they send. Customers can receive unlimited incoming text messages at no charge.

    In addition, AT&T Wireless' GSM™/GPRS customers can roam on various networks while abroad and can use their phones to send and receive text messages to and from users in the United States and other countries. Pricing may vary, depending on the operators' rates and the users' rate plans.

    AT&T Wireless now offers international text messaging in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. A complete list of countries that support international text messaging can be found at www.attwireless.com/text/international. AT&T Wireless will continue to expand international text messaging capabilities throughout the year.

    Leadership in Messaging
  2. patrick_mullen

    patrick_mullen New Member

    Jan 22, 2005
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    I live between Rosarito and Tijuana, B.C. and have suceeded in sending a text message to the States only once, when I was about 200 yards away from the border, in Playas de Tijuana. I have never been able to download my voicemail until I crossed the border going into the States. I have had the same experience in Ensenada, Acapulco, Taxco, as well as Dartmouth Nova Scotia. However, everything works fine in the States, as well as Calgary, Alberta. I am using Verizon, and have talked with the Verizon folks where I bought the phone. They have reprogrammed/updated the phone. They tell me there is nothing else they can do, and that they cannot guarantee text messaging or voice mail south of the border. I went online with Verizon and got the same story. Do you have any suggestions or comments?
  3. ZaphodB

    ZaphodB Signal Go Down De Hole...
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    Aug 13, 2002
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    First of all, whoop-de-doo, they offer international texting to Mexico, great, they're only years behind everybody else.

    As for the problem with texting from B.C. -- some troubleshooting for you. Clearly you were on a Verizon tower when you succeeded in texting to the US -- they have towers along the border and they blast signal into Mexico so that tourists who go to Revolucion or the Zona Rio can talk on their phones without roaming charges.

    1. Can you make calls to the US on your Verizon phone?

    Yes: go to step 2.
    No: you do not have Mexico Roaming on your account. Call Verizon.

    2. Can you text to a Mexican cellular from your home?

    Yes: go to step 3.
    No: the carrier on which you are registering does not offer texting.

    3. If you register your phone on the other CDMA carrier (either Iusacell or Telefonica), can you text to the States?

    Yes: the carrier on which you are registering does not offer texting.
    No: go to step 4.

    4. Can you text to the States using the + format? (I.e., +16195551212)

    Yes: you must use the + format.
    No: go to step 5.

    5. Can you text to the States using the 001 format? (I.e., 00116195551212)

    Yes: use this format.
    No: go to step 6.

    6. Can other people text you while you are in Mexico?

    Yes: go to step 7.
    No: text messaging is not enabled for you on the carrier you're registering.

    7. Figure out which carrier you are using and go to that company's store (each carrier has an office in Rosarito). Ask them for help.

    8. Go to Carnitas Michoacan on the north end of Rosarito and have some carnitas for me!
  4. patrick_mullen

    patrick_mullen New Member

    Jan 22, 2005
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    1. Yes, I have no problem making calls to the U.S., to Mexico, or within Baja to a Mexican phone. I might be traveling to Mulegé soon, that should be interesting.

    2. No, the "unable to send" error message is displayed.

    3. I am not clear as to what you mean by registering on Iusacell or Telefonica. Does that mean I have to contact those carriers and register my phone number with them?

    4. No, the "cannot send" error message is displayed.

    5. No, the "unable to send" error message is displayed.

    6. No

    7. OK, I'll do that.

    My favorite place to eat cheap is Gobi's, if you can find a seat, across from the post office (tourists don't know it's there and probably wouldn't go there if they did). I have an opinion about some restaurants in Rosarito not to patronize also.

    Thank God for our HAM radios; simplex always works here.
  5. patrick_mullen

    patrick_mullen New Member

    Jan 22, 2005
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    I visited the Iusa office in Rosarito. The girl at the desk quickly shuffled me over to the office jefe once we got into a discourse of why my Verizon phone MOSMS doesn't work in the Baja. After telling me that there was no MOSMS service for Verizon here, we got on the phone with customer service. They said that because my phone doesn't work on the same band that they use, I can't access MOSMS unless I am in Cancún or Ciudad México.

    We discussed the alternatives, using Tmobile or Nextel. Apparently both of those carriers have MOSMS working in the Baja. Using a Iusa phone would apparently create converse issues when I went to the States or Canada. The text messaging would work in Mexico, but not north of the border.

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