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AirPrint without Wi-Fi HP printer

Discussion in 'APPLE iPhone, iPad Tablets and all iOS Devices' started by viewfly, Mar 7, 2011.

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    I just downloaded Printopia so that I can print wirelessly from my iPhone 4 to my Canon non wifi printer.

    Apple's AirPrint only works with HP 'enabled' wifi printers. The claim is that it cannot work with usb printers hooked up to a router (in my case an AirPort Extreme). I was calling 'BS' on that one...

    Previously I used other appls that direct iPhone 4 print jobs through my mac - but I had you use that appls browser or email program.

    Was thinking about a new printer - then I found this - Printopia - AirPrint to Any Printer - Print from iPad - Print from iPhone - Ecamm Network

    Installed it and it will print from the iPhone 4 (3GS) directly from Safari, native mail, and photos to any printer attached to a mac or a printer usb attached to a router.

    works flawlessly and saved myself at least $99 and up for a new printer. Even 'prints' to dropbox.com or just to a 'save to my mac' folder.

    Prints in background too, so no wasted time..also does double sided printing.

    thought to share. 1 second to install - perfectly....no windows version though
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