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Mobile dialing shortcuts (esp. Verizon)

OK, I have a question, I imagine that it only applies to other Verizon Wireless customers - where do you get ...

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    Default Mobile dialing shortcuts (esp. Verizon)

    OK, I have a question, I imagine that it only applies to other Verizonicon Wireless customers - where do you get a list of all of the shortcut numbers you can use on your phone? Here are the ones I currently know about:

    *86 - Voice Mail (i.e. *VM)
    *226 - Customer Service (i.e. *BAM, as in Bell Atlantic Mobile (VZWs former name))
    *526 - Traffic Info (i.e. *JAM)
    #646 - Check Minutes Used (i.e. #MIN)
    #225 - Billing Balance (i.e. #BAL)
    *228 - Program Phone (including updating roaming information - not sure what the letters stand for, maybe CAT?)

    What others are there? I figure there must be other ones that I am missing. Is there a list somewhere?

    Thanks [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-happy.gif[/img]

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    Default Mobile dialing shortcuts (esp. Verizon)

    *611 for customer care... that's a start. [img]i/expressions/face-icon-small-wink.gif[/img]

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    Default Mobile dialing shortcuts (esp. Verizon)

    Thanks for the addition...

    Anyone else?

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    Default Mobile dialing shortcuts (esp. Verizon)

    *228 == ACT(ivate phone)

    Other than #646 (check minutes used), #225 (check acct balance), *228 (program phone/get PRL updates), *86 (voicemail), #84 (Voice Gear, see for more info), *611/*711/*811 (all customer service), and 711 (NOT *711!) (Relay Service to call the hearing impaired or others using TTYs, see which apply pretty much VZW-wide, most "speed dial" codes are market-specific.

    Here in ATLANTA:

    *368 (*DOT) - Traffic conditions/report problems/request HERO assistance on Atlanta freeways
    *477 (*GSP) - GA State Patrol - report drunk drivers, etc.

    611 (NOT *611!) used to work to reach BellSouth landline repair, but quit working when VZW switched from Motorolaicon to Nortel switches here. (Use 800-356-3094 instead...)

    IIRC, a couple of radio and/or TV stations have free */# numbers to report news and so on, but many more are available with Cingular.

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