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Devices for the T68??

What device do I need to connect my T68 to my computer for syncing. I want to try to download pictures ...

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    Default Devices for the T68??

    What device do I need to connect my T68 to my computer for syncing. I want to try to download pictures and other crap but don't know how to go about that. Maybe a website or something would be useful. How do I setup internet on this phone? Do i need to pay extra to access the internet and stuff like that? I don't really care if my pocketpc has internet service, just my phone for email, weather, etc..

    Also...does anybody know when the T68i is coming out for Voicestream. The reps at T-Mobileicon/Voicestream are just giving the run around about when/if its going to be released. Someone had said that they were going to release in September...which would be great for an upgrade.

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    Default Devices for the T68??

    For the t68i I have heard September also

    Current Plan with alltel 3000 anytime minutes w/nationwide LD $74.95 a month---Waiting not so patiently for the Alltel version of the V710

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    Default Devices for the T68??

    I heard September also. Does anybody know where/how to update the T68 to the T68i. Do I have to take it somewhere or can I just download some software for it. I'm not talking about the pcsoftware suite mind you. On the Sony Ericsson website, it mentions that this can be done through a service provider/retailer...but when I talked to a Voicestream rep they were completely clueless like I was speaking jibberish. He said, " I don't know man, we just got in the I have no clue about the T68i or whatever". And these are the brains that sell us the phones...geez.

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    Default Devices for the T68??

    Costco Wireless has some good deals on accessories and what not for the T68 and for cheap. You might also want to try ebay for sales and deals on accessories. They have those cables for $19.

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    Default Devices for the T68??

    Is that cable for syncing with the computer or with a pda/Pocketpc??

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    Default Devices for the T68??

    Here is a site with some how to's for your phone

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    Default Devices for the T68??

    Your carrier probably charges you for accesing the net with your phone. Usually the charges depened on how much data they send you. For example, it would cost more to browse the web for movie listing than to check your email because more data is being sent back and forth for the movie listing.

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