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Sprint Problem -- "All circuits are busy" message?

Hi all, I haven't had this problem in months, but for a good period of time in the past year (especially ...

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    Default Sprint Problem -- "All circuits are busy" message?

    Hi all,

    I haven't had this problem in months, but for a good period of time in the past year (especially after September 11th), I had a really big problem with my Sprinticon PCS service.

    It seemed that very often, when my friends would try to give me a call on my cell phone, they would hear the message "All circuits are busy", and the call would not even get through to my cell phone. This used to happen ALOT. However, it hasn't happened in a while.

    I'm just wondering -- Did this happen to anyone else out there? If so -- does anyone know WHY we had this problem? And, WHY it doesn't seem to be happening anymore?

    (By the way -- I live in the New York City metro. area).


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    Default Sprint Problem -- "All circuits are busy" message?

    I have never had any "All circuits are busy" messages in the 5 years that I've been with Sprinticon. I'm in the Los Angeles, CA area.

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    Default Sprint Problem -- "All circuits are busy" message?

    Yeah, but in NYC I am aware that Sprinticon has been having capacity problems for a long time but it is not too serious. Sometimes you can call someone's Sprinticon phone and it rings but the Voicemail never comes up or it tells you that the voicemail is busy and to try later.
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    Default Sprint Problem -- "All circuits are busy" message?

    Were your friends calling from a Verizonicon landline/home phone? Sounds like the T1 Trunk(s) between Verizonicon and Sprinticon PCS were overloaded. In a case like that, Sprinticon would order additional trunks (24 voice circuits per T1 trunk) from Verizon to ease the congestion. Here's a basic idea of how this is accomplished:

    1) The wireless carrier's local manager determines economic feasability of adding capacity and writes a business case.
    2) The manager then submits budget request if there isn't money allocated in the current year's budget.
    3) Once approved, an order is placed with an equipment manufacturer for any additional gear needed to expand capacity. If they had extra installed originally, this saves them several months.
    4) After the gear is ready, an order is placed with the local phone carrier for the T1 trunk(s) which are usually completely provisioned in a month (engineering, paperwork, billing, provisioning, testing, etc...).
    5) After the wireless carrier connects the trunk(s) to their gear, they usually perform their own tests.
    6) The wireless carrier then puts everything live.

    This whole process takes several months to complete partly because of the number of desks the paperwork crosses. Carriers have been improving their electronic processes to help speed up this process, but there is still quite a bit of the human factor required to complete these tasks. I hope this info helps to answer your question.

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