I've used TracFoneicon for three years and have been generally satisfied with the service. However, a few weeks ago I had to change from my Nokia phone to a new Motorolaicon. Ever since that time I've had problems with my new voicemail. When I try to access it, I often get an error message saying, "Check call restrictions-34." If I wait a second and try again I often get my voicemail, though I've had to try as many as 20 times before succeeding. When I finally access the voicemail, I am often unable to delete messages. I've called their technical service twice. The first time I was just told it would be taken care of in four hours. The next time I called I was on the phone with them for a half an hour, entering this code and that code. Nothing helped. (I might add that things could be worse: I noticed a post on Yahoo from a person who got this message when she tried to make a call.) It seems like an all-purpose message for "You're screwed." Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks.