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LNP Success Story !!!

I am new here... and Ive been reading all the drama that many LNP customers have been put thru the past ...

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    Default LNP Success Story !!!

    I am new here... and Ive been reading all the drama that many LNP customers have been put thru the past few weeks. I just wanted to share (ok maybe gloat) that my port took 1 day and was nearly seamless. This occurred over the weekend. I finally gave AT&Ticon Wireless the boot, switching to Verizonicon with two new phones (VX4400b for me, VX3100 for my wife)... so far I'm very pleased. Perhaps this thread can start a whole new trend of smooth porting stories.


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    Default LNP Success Story !!!

    Man, I hope you're right.

    Your port was wireless to wireless. You didn't need to mess with a number change form to be faxed to the Verizonicon port center, I'll bet.

    Everybody keeps saying that wireless to wireless is quick and clean, and that landline to wireless is fraught with hazards. Yours and my experiences appear to confirm this.

    So, if you are doing a landline to wireless port, be ready to deal with a paper process, especially if the landline is Qwest.

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    Default LNP Success Story !!!

    I guess its a good thing I am keeping my Landline for DSL then. My Cell phone gets all my calls anyway.

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