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Are SIM cards interchangeable?

If one has an AT&T SIM card, can one get it activated on T-Mobile, or vice versa? Also, if I once ...

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    Default Are SIM cards interchangeable?

    If one has an AT&Ticon SIM card, can one get it activated on T-Mobile, or vice versa? Also, if I once had AT&Ticon service and switched to TDMA, is the AT&T SIM card "blocked" or can it be re-activated and used again with AT&T or some other service?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    Default Are SIM cards interchangeable?

    AT&Ticon sim to Tmobileicon. NO it can't be done. Most carriers say they will only activate a card once anyway. (they cost like $20.00)

    And no again for same reason. Once you deact a sim, even the same carrier can not, or will not react. They want to assign a new Sim # with that IMEI.

    You can however buy a AT&Ticon gsm phone and then buy a phone that is either unlocked or AT&T and it will work with your sim. You will not be able to use an AT&T sim in a locked T mobile phone. It will say insert correct sim. OR Sim rejected.

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